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This whole Arry Redschnapps England manager impasse business is beginning to bug me. So perhaps a good juncture to ask supporters what they actually think.

The mood in the camp is I believe to be extremely mixed. The Arry haters have taken the whole situation as a free gift. A golden opportunity to mutter, ‘get rid‘ with each and every Redschnapp’s remark about who he would play if he were the national coach.

Now Arry’s said he’d like the job, but will the FA who are up to their knickers in debt already go the whole hog and splash out to secure his services? Somewhere in the middle lie those who are watching in slow-motion waiting to see if the chairman buckles and if the replacement makes their hearts sing …or not.

And at perhaps the furthest extreme we have the like of our old pal Norman Giller who posted on Facebook,

I have told Harry to make his decision NOT on what is right for Spurs or right for England but what is right for him and his family. Time to be selfish. There is pressure whichever way he turns.

Where do you stand on the whole issue? Click on the image below and share your views…

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  • a+e shot my cat says:


  • Bruxie says:

    Norman’s had some stents put in – the same as ‘Arry.

    So when the big scare comes, it’s time to look after you and yours.

    What’s the least stressful?
    Take it.

  • 39 39 39 says:

    What a lark this footy game is, eh!
    Driving up to Essex every day, at my time of life! then there’s the weekends to think about what with Sandra doing my hair so I stay young looking, enough to be a bit fruity. Oh my lord decisions and I havn’t even started to think of Spurs team decisions….good job I’ve got good ol Joe and Bondy as backup, cant blame em for their tactics after all the fucking buck stops with me, am I right or am I right eh eh eh!

    • a+e shot my cat says:

      Said with just the right amount of twitch :blink: :blink: :blink:

    • wilboid says:

      Triffic work Henry, your literacy class has really paid off in the last week or so. May I suggest that you put a few commas in the wrong place and keep your grammer a bit messy so you don’t get found out for being a little bit of a fibber.

  • the whistle blows-er says:

    Only just regained the ability to think after the stroke I, and all the team and coaching staff, had on Sunday.
    I think ‘Arry has taken us as far as his “arm round the shoulder go out and do yer stuff top top player” twaddle can take us. Time and again, when we come up against a problem he comes up with…nothing! There is a plan A, and that is as far as him and 6 bloody coaches ever get! What happens when that fails to work is a lot of twitching and grumbling but very little in the way of new tactics.
    So, YES go England coz although I am English, I really don’t think we will ever win anything in my lifetime so ‘Arry might as well do the job as well as any other ‘ucker out there! As for my beloved Spurs; get someone in who can change a gaime when its going tits up, not throw in the towel and moan!

  • seattlespursguy says:

    Harry will always do what’s best for Harry, Norman need not fear on that score. The issue is Harry seems to think the England job would be good for him. He seems to think he can be the exception to general rule that the job tends to dent reputations, sometimes irreparably. Too much ego to turn it down if it’s offered, I think.

    • Bruxie says:

      My thoughts exactly. Except I hope he stays.

      I’d sack him tomorrow though if we could satisfy Maureen’s tranfer and wage budgets.

      I don’t think we can at the moment. And we’d lose Maureen the minute Sralex retired.

      Better the devil we know.

      • Alspur says:

        …right around the same time the red tops chuck Harry off the Ing-er-land wagon…

        …hail the return of Harry the Messiah… g*d, I can just see it, now…

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