Date: 29th February 2012 at 3:39pm
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This whole Redschnapps manager impasse business is beginning to bug me. So perhaps a good juncture to ask supporters what they actually think.

The mood in the camp is I believe to be extremely mixed. The haters have taken the whole situation as a free gift. A golden opportunity to mutter, ‘get rid‘ with each and every Redschnapp’s remark about who he would play if he were the national coach.

Now Arry’s said he’d like the job, but will the who are up to their knickers in debt already go the whole hog and splash out to secure his services? Somewhere in the middle lie those who are watching in slow-motion waiting to see if the chairman buckles and if the replacement makes their hearts sing …or not.

And at perhaps the furthest extreme we have the like of our old pal Norman Giller who posted on Facebook,

I have told Harry to make his decision NOT on what is right for or right for but what is right for him and his family. Time to be selfish. There is pressure whichever way he turns.

Where do you stand on the whole issue? Click on the image below and share your views…