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Good morning and a belated happy seventy seventh birthday to a living legend.

He was the best left winger in the world and he was Tottenham. One hundred and thirty five goals in three hundred and eighteen games. So Cliff, please accept the day late love and respect sent here from fans around the globe.

But here’s the thing. Cliff ended his Spurs career some eight months before I was born. So it would be tricky to say the least for me to write a piece on one of the greatest players that ever wore the Lilywhite shirt.

So this is your blog. Tell me about Cliff Jones.

1961 FA Cup Final (Highlights)

Spurs v Dukla Prague 1961

Spurs v Gornik Zabrze 1961

Spurs v Glasgow Rangers 1962 European Cup Winners Cup

Glory Glory

Tottenham Hotspur v OFK Beograd

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  • Parklane Dan says:

    He was my football coach in the 80’s (along with Roger Morgan) and he was still quicker then most of the kids he was coaching. Amazing person, still remembered me 20 years later, which I of course took as a massive compliment to my playing style and natural ability. Imagine Azza with more end product and without the eyebrow shavings.

  • harmer the charmer says:

    Happy Birthday Cliff, in your day so fast you could catch pigeon’s, and that was with ball at foot and through cloying mud up to your ankles. As brave as a lion, wonderful header of the ball for a small man, remember a fantastic diving header at home to Fulham in the Double season, I swear you were off the ground for at least ten seconds. Thank’s for all the pleasure you gave us Cliff you were and still are a true Spur.

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Good, too, to see some old footage of Scotty Parker.

  • graeme3 says:

    Happy Birthday from all in Goffs Oak Cliff, with thanks for all the wonderful memories!

  • Ron Duval says:

    Happy Birthday Cliff and best regards to Mavis not only was he great footballer he had a singing dog,
    as soon as match of the day came on he would join in de dum de dum de da da de dum ,
    Fantastic doesn’t look a day over 69 does he.
    Ron D

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