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Good afternoon.

Ryan ‘Half’ Nelson then. 34 years of age and the burning question of the day has to be, ‘ eh? ‘ Easy I guess to knock him. Let’s face it, many of us didn’t see PNB working, but this strikes me as ambitious beyond belief. 

Bassong on loan I get. He’s worth pursuing to see if his potential can ‘unlocked’. That makes sense. But to replace him with an injury prone gentleman… don’t we already have those spots covered?

I managed to find this radio interview with Which you can hear HERE

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  • PLT says:

    just a precaution in case all our defenders get injured. I doubt he’ll start many, if any games. I suppose it does him a favour as his contract was terminated by BR, and it does us a favour as we’ve loaned Bassong out.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Rumoured to be starting vs Bindippers…

  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    I think HR sees him doing the same job he had in mind for Neville last year – ie not adding much to the squad technically but definitely a good bloke to have alongside you in the trenches come squeaky bum time. And – with the wonderful benefit of hindsight – it could be argued that Neville might just have made the difference as we went off the boil last season. A core of hardened campaigners alongside the young talent has been Manure’s recipe for success all these years.

    • SuperSpurs says:

      Spot on comment …

    • jfdit says:

      neville’s hardly missed a game in 10+ years so hardly an accurate assessment, if he or saha were fit I’d agree

      gallas is allegedly fucked, he’s been useful but hardly an asset at the moment

      my view is we’re clearing our debt to enable larger scale borrowing to build the stadium scheme

  • Essexian76 says:

    After re-filling my half empty glass back to the brim, I’m thinking of this as a short term answer to a longer term question. We’re in a good position and an awfully long way in front of Liverpoop and the Goon’s. We’ve got rid of another load of deadwood, and bought in experienced and hopefully hungry players looking for a last hurrah. If we reach the CL by getting 3rd, it’ll be a good season, and we’d have outed a few players who wouldn’t figure anyway in preparation for the coming season, when we can spend good money on better players-Geeze, I hope I’m right, as we’re forgetting we’ve got Huddlestone, Gallas and also Bentley (!!!), to come back into the fold as well.

    • Gilzeanwasgod says:

      Interesting to see Bentley has been named in the 25 man PL squad for the rest of the season. Must mean he is potentially able to kick a ball before April. A fit and focused Bentley could still have a role to play, especially if Azza keeps going lame. He would at least keep the shape of the midfield better than sticking one of the central boys out on the right.
      ‘Arry’s failure to get anything out of him has always puzzled me. You would have thought he was perfect for the Redknapp ‘bring me your troubled souls and I will turn them into footballers’ treatment. They even speak the same language!

    • SpurredoninDublin says:


      You might want to reconsider the status of your glass. Just seen the 25 man squad announced, and it includes Bentley, who was told he was not part of HR’s plans, and Khumalo.

      Bentley had trouble getting into the Brum team last season, and Khumalo can’t even get into the Reading team. You’ve already read about Nelsen’s probs, and added to the squad is Simon Dawkins, whom we released after knee probs, re-signed, loaned to an MLS side, and most recently was turned down on a free by Twente, after a trial.

      All of a sudden, I am saying to myself, can these really be squad players in a team that is challenging for the double?

      • Essexian76 says:

        “The boy’s ‘ead weren’t write, wos it? he trashed me soote, I trashed ‘is career, didn’t I?” Said Harry..but added” i fink ‘e’s learnt ‘is lesson, and we’ll let beigels be beigels an’ put in two bed fer nah!”

  • Good luck to him. Hope his football brain overcomes his aging legs.

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