Tottenham are the Forgotten Contender

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While everyone around the globe knows about English Premier League teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and even more recently Manchester City, outside of the UK few pay attention to the third place team in the EPL, Tottenham Hotspur.

Yet it is Tottenham Hotspur that have proven to be a far better sport betting value than the aforementioned teams and that has continued as the season has progressed. Tottenham have gone unbeaten in their last 3 games and are just 7 points off first place with the third best goal difference in the EPL.

And the excitement may even be bigger for the future as Lille star Eden Hazard has said Tottenham are at the top of his list as a potential EPL club to join in the summer. Hazard wants to play in England due to the quality of competition and the ability to develop his game.

As for the immediate future, Tottenham are coming off a 5-0 demolition of Newcastle, which featured a love fest by the crowd for 64 year old manager Harry Redknapp. Redknapp is rumoured to replace Fabio Capello as the manager of the English national team; a job he is said to covet very much. Louis Saha played the hero for Tottenham as he had two goals in the win against Newcastle.

Redknapp is said to not be leaving Tottenham in mid-season due to what he was quoted as saying his “loyalty to the club.” Tottenham are also expected to make the Champions League next year, which would be yet another reason for Redknapp to stay where he is.

Gareth Bale has been another key asset for Tottenham this season as he has 9 goals and 7 assists. The 22 year old was snapped up for 10 million Euros in 2007 by Tottenham. He has had some injury problems but appears to have his career on track to meet the lofty expectations from his rookie campaign.

Emmanuel Adebayor is the leading scorer for Tottenham with 10 goals and 10 assists. Adebayor has “been around” as he has also played for Real Madrid and Manchester City. He made his fame with Arsenal as a dangerous threat from the forward position.

Tottenham Hotspur will travel to Arsenal for a key match on February 26th before hosting Manchester United in a highly anticipated match set for March 4th. That match will be followed by a game on the road on March 10th at Everton and by that time we will know if Tottenham are still a contender for the Premier League title.

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