Date: 21st March 2012 at 10:32pm
Written by:

Good evening and welcome the Half Tenner. 

No fun. A fun free experience. We’ve  gone 4th. Admission to The Lane was probably worth about a fiver. I will be fascinated to hear the Redschnapps apologistas bravado and bluster their way out of this one. Bottom line is the ‘in Arry We Trust’ mob called it wrong.

The theme of the season and specifically since the Court case has been the absentee landlord approach adopted by our evidently clueless forward slash Yes Men forward slash coaches that infest our club’s payroll.

I take no pleasure in repeating myself – although my spoken word is an aural delight to be savoured – what’s the story with our set pieces? Look I know we crumple and buckle like a paper mache bicycle wheel when other people take them against us, but what about when we’re supposedly in the old driving seat?

Mind the gap? Easily done. Don’t shine that ear torch you palmed from your GP in Arry’s shell like. Redschnapps out, Ian Dowie in and let’s at least give our talented squad some instruction.