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Good evening and welcome the Half Tenner. 

No fun. A fun free experience. We’ve  gone 4th. Admission to The Lane was probably worth about a fiver. I will be fascinated to hear the Arry Redschnapps apologistas bravado and bluster their way out of this one. Bottom line is the ‘in Arry We Trust’ mob called it wrong.

The theme of the season and specifically since the Court case has been the absentee landlord approach adopted by our evidently clueless forward slash Yes Men forward slash coaches that infest our club’s payroll.

I take no pleasure in repeating myself – although my spoken word is an aural delight to be savoured – what’s the story with our set pieces? Look I know we crumple and buckle like a paper mache bicycle wheel when other people take them against us, but what about when we’re supposedly in the old driving seat?

Mind the gap? Easily done. Don’t shine that ear torch you palmed from your GP in Arry’s shell like. Redschnapps out, Ian Dowie in and let’s at least give our talented squad some instruction. 

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  • A_Felching says:


  • Mike says:

    Mind the gap boys, mind the gap!!

  • Mr Spiggott says:

    I fear the rot is setting in.

  • Smog says:

    The worst thing about this situation, apart from looking like a right bunch of mugs (no change there then), is that we are well and truly stuck with Redschnapps. At the very least until the end of the season, at worst for many years after (5th is as good as it gets lads, he told us that remember?)

    Surely anything other that CL qualification has to be a sacking? 3rd would have been an absolute minimum from where we were with the squad we have, this crettin is conspiring to end up lower than the worst Arsenal and Chelsea teams in the best part of two decades. Utter crettin.

    We want you to go, we want you to gooooo, Harry Redschnapps, we want you to go.

    • dannymodric says:

      I was hoping he was going to get sent down for his Tax Evasion but Naaa,,,Bollox seem like were Doommed.And all thanks to Twitch Dodge Geeeezer From Bournmouth!.. Soo tired of this!!!!!

    • COYG says:

      Mind the gap…you spuds always mouth off prematurely…first it was “we could win the league” then “automatic CL qualification”…but now it should be “we bottled it…AGAIN”

      Bless you all!

  • Jameson says:

    To think he so often emphasised the 2pts 8 games stat, he could leave us with a similar stat.

    • Jameson says:

      And the Modric front post corner has got beyond a joke now.

      • Smog says:

        That little rat wants to remember the performances he is turning in at this stage of the season AGAIN just like last year, when he is asking to move in the summer.

        No good whinging about not being in the CL when you are complicit in the reasons why we are not there.

        Anyone out the crowd could take a better corner than he showed tonight.

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