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Good evening.

The first half was touch and go… oh look I won’t go on if you promise not to either.

The reality is that the Bolton fans used the ‘Fabrice Muamba’ chants in a cynical fashion. Nothing for the whole of the second half, then as Bolton won a free kick in the 87th minute and up they rose… or sank… you tell me I’m wrong.

Owen Coyle’s post match comments were nothing shy of disgraceful. Not only am I bored with the grief junkies, I take exception with supporters and a manager trying to dine out on a man having a heart attack.

I really hope Bolton go down for that. A London derby awaits.  

We can win this cup.

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  • Van der Faart says:

    Flatline?! – too soon…!

  • Yidfield General says:

    Anybody there? Helllooooo???

    We did win didn’t we? I didn’t dream it did I? Bloody sleeping pills. Don’t know what’s going on anymore!!!

  • Hartley says:


  • eh96jmw says:

    Harry – I’m a fan and I agree that the whole thing is getting a bit too newspaper-friendly and overhyped, but that headline is just not on…

  • david says:

    So it is us v Chelsea and Everton v Liverpool in the semis, both to be played at Wembley.
    On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it the authorities will use a little commonsense and switch the all Merseyside tie to Old Trafford ?
    Think we all know the answer to that one.

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