Date:18th April 2012 at 11:04am
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Good morning viewers. 

Transfer rumour wise there is nothing out there at all. Well, once you discount the recycled Edna Hazard stuff of course. But if we learnt anything from the weekend other than the pitfalls of assembling large numbers of Chelsea fans in a public place then it was the desperate need for at least two decent defenders. 

Very few games left until the close of the season and I’d be far more interested in hearing suggestions for two new defensive recruits than more tiring fantasy chatter in favour of landing some Hollywood striker.

King has had it and the kindest words I can muster on that front are that it seems highly improble that there is any way back for the old girl. Gallas was chewed out for a ropy performance on Sunday, but beyond that one game he’s 34 and we might, might just get one more season out of him. 

Dawson could fulfill his potential, but that simply will not happen if the cycle of mend and make do continues. Walker has potential too but as I end up saying every week I don’t believe he’s being coached effectively. The thrill of his pace if all he ever achieves with it is the odd throw in or corner isn’t enough. Especially given we rarely appear to gain any discernible advantage from any set pieces.

This era of chancing our arm defensively has to be closed, Spurs have got to bite the bullet and quit the practice of buying cheap, buying twice. It’s a no brainer that the demands of the Barclays Premier League are such that the days of shipping in some bright prospect and developing him are virtually gone. So stop it and target a pair that have already got their boy scout Defender badges.

I’m unconvinced we’ll secure Champions League football this season. But then Spurs have become a dog chasing a car. What would we do with it if we caught it? 

A goalkeeper isn’t a priority, one bad game doesn’t make Carlo a clown. Deployed right (if they don’t all bail) we have a magnificent midfield. Ade, Rafa, Saha and the Midget Gem can all score if and when properly serviced.

The urgent issue is the back line. Oh yes, that and someone professional to bring it all together, of course.