Predict The Results Of The Last 4 Games

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Good afternoon.

This is straightforward enough. We’ve 4 games left which could net a maximum of 12 points. The manager says he’s confident of winning all four games.¬†

Here are my thoughts.

Blackburn. Blackburn’s miserable season has now reached the point whereby they are reliant on someone else committing hari kari. Which is unlikely. The fact they did Norwich is surreal. My guess on current form is 1-1.

Bolton. If only to lessen the likelihood of me having to listening to tinnitus voice of Owen Coyle mumbling on and on in over earnest tones about Mabrice Fuamba and the, ‘Parklays Bremiership’ I #pray for them to go down. 1-1

Villa. A truly lackluster season from team with endless pretensions that usually ends up bumping about like a mid-table ghost ship. Is Alex McLeish hard done by or…who cares? What an utterly pointless football club. This is likely to be a little messy but on current form 0-0.

Fulham Ha. With BMJ on the premises if the previous three games have gone wonky this could be like watching a car crash in slow motion. On a loop. Fulham have had a pretty decent season and their recent form is decent. On current form  maybe 2-1.

So hoping for 12 points, picturing 6.

Your votes then…

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