The 10 O’Clocker: What Was Said On The Spurs Training Ground?

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Good Evening.

Recent comments by our illustrious, tight lipped supremo in relation to his support for a team of racist, anti semite,  inbreds t/a Cheatski Football Club have quite rightly sent most right thinking football fans into a blistering rage.

So here’s a device to vent that spleen. 

The contributor of the very funniest arrangement of words in a known language wins a lifetime supply of love in sustainable doses courtesy of their peers*

*subject to people invariably getting bored and clearing off for various reasons that are thoroughly understandable. 

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  • hoofing says:

    HR: ‘Is that Rupert Murdoch’s limo?
    Rat Boy: ‘No it’s Roman’s arsehole!’
    Azza: ‘Who’s the guy in the white tracksuit’

  • kennypowers says:

    rentagob “is that daniel over there.whats he doing?”
    rat boy ” looks like either counting champs lge money or practising a golf swing”
    azza ” he keeps hearing about this 18 point swing and the fifty million reward for it bless him”

  • Flippertyflip says:

    “I know how funny ,5 games and were off like a brides nightie” ha ha ha ha

  • dixta says:

    scene:small group of teenage autograph hunters at the Lodge
    Harry: “Look at em, f***in mugs, hahaha!”
    Mod: “Their parents probably earn less in a year than i earn in a week, hahahaha!”
    Lenno thought: “I’m gonna be the daddy with all that bunce when i move to Liverpool, hahaha!”

  • jgreaves says:

    HR: Go on Luka, it’s an open goal. Even you should be alright here

    LM: Yes, ho ho. And my hamstrings are fit for Roman

    AL: And Drogba is really looking forward to your corners Judas Ratface Scarecrow boy

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