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I used to work in the rag trade about 100 years ago. We used to get these occasional calls from Gerry. The head honcho. Le Grande Fromage.  ‘You know Harry, it gives me no pleasure to make these calls.’

You know the drill…  your heart sank as you knew he had taken seriously some idiot so empowered by their own sense of self importance that they had punctured the cognisance of a man who was simply, probably – naively-  trying to do the right thing.

That’s how I’ve felt for some time now. I’m Gerry making one of those calls. The difference being that this call isn’t representing a complaint from some random mardy arse. I’ve watched the same games as have you. I know that the complaint is valid. And that something urgently needs to be done.

Jol was lovable but a bit naive. This guy Arry is an unlovable tactical car crash on roller skates.

Or are you down wid a Norwich win at The Lane, bruv…

Our  squad is essentially fab, I genuinely believe that. It simply needs the right guidance. Or managing, as we called it in the old money  :daumen:

Ooh my days…

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  • el says:

    I feel as though I’m watching a maimed animal going through a long lingering death but I can’t do anything to help it. I’m actually not looking forward to Wemberly on Sunday, that’s not an exaggeration for effect; I am genuinely not looking forward to it.

    With our potential, how can so many directors and so many managers and so many players for so many years produce teams with no steel and with such consistency?

    We are the complete opposite of manchester united.

    We are a parody of ourselves.

    I don’t want to look into the eyes of one arse*** fan for the rest of the season.

    What did I do in a previous life? Seriously, what the fcuk did I do

    • SerfCity says:

      Thanks for saving me the trouble of having to type out the exact same words myself.

    • DAVSPURS says:

      Do you ant the truth or a pack of lies we have no fucker in the FA the other thing i have beaten till my drum has bust and its now silent. This might help you hear it Pienaar scored for his loan club with five changes who stopped us scoring one held City 3-3 and should have won Wigan beat Liverpool and should have drawn at Chelsea Norwich beating Spurs 2-1 such a shock City have spent 300 million just to come second, This gives me no pleasure because my heart is also broken but knowing and seeing the evidence hurts even more work rate is winning more and more games. Our big problem is this Ady is not ours Modric is going to Utd Bale will follow Defoe is head wrecked Friedel is forty one King is sadly lame Nelson has no chance against this work rate at 34. This was forecast by me when we where ten points ahead and 2-0 up at Arsenal who have never stopped running since plus Utd and Everton after beating us. We cant finish in the top four because the FA dont want us because Harry would cost more and Modric Bale and Ady has other admirers could be Chelsea?

    • ceegee says:

      I think there’s something in the DNA of the club that says Lose bottle n capitulate. It also dont help when u have abufoon in charge!!

      • JIM says:

        and that is exactly why talk of us winning the league was insanity. We are spurs, this is what we do, why anybody is surprised is beyond me.

    • Hamish says:

      Oh dear, oh dear. I fear we are in for a long painful blog filled to the back teeth with told-you-so knicker-wetters.

      Bad result yesterday – no question. Bad performance too. It has come at the end of a string of disappointing results – but disappointing performances? Not at all. We’ve also had some piss-poor decisions go against us in a number of important games that have robbed us of some very important points.

      Harry isn’t Ferguson or Wenger – but few managers are. He is, however, the best manager we’ve had in many a long decade and seeing as he has been the inspiration for our recent revival and has presided over some of the best performances I have ever seen, I suggest it’s wrong to go overboard here.

      As an HR neutral you see equal numbers those who criticise Bale for being one-dimensional and Bale for taking a free role. You hear those who bemoan a break with 442 and those who hate playing with two holding midfield players. Both sides point to recent results to shore up their argument and both have very selective memories. Either way Harry is to blame for tactical naivety. The world is sadly a little more complex – nothing is as good or bad as it seems at the time and we must expect the worst, hope for the best and take what comes. While I’m on a cliche jag – when you’re in hell its best to keep going.

      We are inching closer and closer to Arsenal with each passing season. Long term trends suggest that we are on the up and they on the way down. Don’t let a blip spoil that sacred truth – and for fuck’s sake, let’s not turn on our manager / the players / the chairman / the coaches and spoil the end of the season. In my experience that would truly be the Tottenham way – the supporters rocking an already unsteady ship until it capsizes. That way you can all point your fingers in different directions and sagely say: I told you so.

  • Smog says:

    Trahty Ahhhhhhhhhht

    • Lav says:

      HARRY HOTSPUR, I have always liked Redknapp and have believed that there is nobody better to manage us and have never fully understood the criticism.

      However throwing away the game at Arsenal (which has transformed our and their seasons),losing to the likes of Norwich, throwing away 3rd place and being level on points with Newcastle and Chelsea is just inexcusable. We have the the 2nd best squad in the prem I believe.. its just not good enough and now would not mind him going to England and get slaughtered by the media(probably for starting Crouch)thus joining the bandwagon.

      But do you see anyone other than Mourinho maintaining 3rd place and possibly challenging for the title?

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        I’m convinced that just about any other Prem manager could salvage our season by employing common sense. Apart from that poor chap at Wolves. He needs looking after by mental healthcare professionals.

  • chiversmetimbers says:

    maybe 39,39,39 is right, but I just think HR and anyone who matters have all decided they are off in the summer so no-one gives a monkeys anymore…

    • 39 39 39 says:

      Yeah me(i’m off)too, I shall be following the ladies beach volleyball championships in future!


      well, until august at least

  • edspur says:

    You can’t blame Harry for today. Someone else apparently chose the formation that he knew wouldn’t work….

    He’s running out of excuses. And time.

  • sackface says:

    We were serious title contenders in the January transfer window and we conspired to leave Cahill to the chavs, ship out Pienaar, Corluka and Pav and bought in Ryan Nelsen and Louis Saha.

    The only shame about Harry getting the England job is that we cant sack him first.

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