Date:9th April 2012 at 5:05pm
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I used to work in the rag trade about 100 years ago. We used to get these occasional calls from Gerry. The head honcho. Le Grande Fromage.  ‘You know Harry, it gives me no pleasure to make these calls.’

You know the drill…  your heart sank as you knew he had taken seriously some idiot so empowered by their own sense of self importance that they had punctured the cognisance of a man who was simply, probably – naively-  trying to do the right thing.

That’s how I’ve felt for some time now. I’m Gerry making one of those calls. The difference being that this call isn’t representing a complaint from some random mardy arse. I’ve watched the same games as have you. I know that the complaint is valid. And that something urgently needs to be done.

Jol was lovable but a bit naive. This guy Arry is an unlovable tactical car crash on roller skates.

Or are you down wid a Norwich win at The Lane, bruv…

Our  squad is essentially fab, I genuinely believe that. It simply needs the right guidance. Or managing, as we called it in the old money  :daumen:

Ooh my days…