Why Cheatski Should Fear Us

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This is what managing a football team is about.  Belief. Belief based upon understanding and valuing the assets on the books and endlessly instilling inspirational doses of that belief into the players.

We have been so widely acclaimed for the way we’ve played this season that many (I actually mean most of us) have had to invoke the old Derek Jameson line, ‘Do they mean us?!’ 

The quality, imagination and spirit of the Tottingham play has been frequently sensational. The boy Bale can leave any right back in the world needing psychiatric care. Azza is a wing heeled electric dynamo. Modric actually ups his game when they come at him in number.

Adebayor is one truly sophisticated predator. Sure if it bleeds you can kill it. But first you must make it bleed.

Rafa is one of the most intelligent, gifted and driven players in the Barclays Premier League. Scotty Parker the very embodiment of too many Tottenham ideals to even begin to list.

When the Lilywhites beat Cheatski and won the Carling Cup in 2008 they were actually playing a superior side with weaker assets. What won that day was desire and dare I say it, some deering do. 

The mercenaries  have now taken over the asylum at Second Hand Fridge and again it’s time for our lot again to demonstrate their inherent class.

They aren’t medal winners these days. They still chant Jose’s name into the cold night air …as a requiem.

The fact that their mob couldn’t beat us home or away this season is the yardstick. We will edge it. I’ll be delighted to watch us do just that. 


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  • Arrys-mate says:

    If we play like we know we can then we’ll win. That was last demonstrated against the barcodes. We are also due some luck – all the other top teams have had more that their fare share, so now it’s our turn.

    Hopefully the ref will have a very anonymous game – but I doubt it. Who is the ref?

    Let’s face it, we are better than them and I reckon we’ll beat them 3 0.


  • UnkleKev says:

    “The boy Bale can leave any left back in the world needing psychiatric care.”

    Are you advocating a right-wing berth for our boy wonder H?

  • SaoPaulo Spurs says:

    Gonna be a very tough game. Chelsea have had a fairly decent run lately. I’m hoping the game against Barcelona will be a distraction and most of their “better” players will have one eye on that. Who knows? I think the football we’ve played this season deserves a trophy. I would love it to be the FA Cup. COYS!!!!

    • Alspur says:

      Like I said, a few blogs back…

      Each of players should say “Good luck against Barcelona” to each of their players during the handshakes…

      …that should put things into perspective for their lot and remind them how much they’ll need to save their ageing limbs for next Weds’ runaround…


  • dave says:

    I think that chelsea will win this one as spuds season is coming apart at the seams, how i will be beaming when it happens
    ps mind the gap hahahahaha

  • david says:

    CB pairing of Nelsen and Gallas is a worry, a chance for Torres to regain his form.
    Our lack of pace in that position could be a major concern.
    Problem is, the only others we have who can play CB are Livermore ( who has no pace ) or Walker who played there for his last club but we have no-one to replace him at RB with Corluka sent out on loan.
    Our January transfer window actions are really coming home to bite us.
    Will Chelsea play a full strength team or keep some back for Barca ?

    • Alspur says:

      I agree, David, but Gallas is still pretty quick, so if Nelson attacks the ball, Gallas should still be able to cover behind…

      They’ll keep some back for Barca (Lampard, Cole, Drogba – they can’t all play 180 mins in 3 days)

      Also, they’ll be going for it hell for leather to make sure there isn’t extra time: could play into our hands if we react appropriately…

      EG start with Sandro & Parker in MF and soak it up for a bit…

      Fingers crossed, anyway – COYS!!!

      • david says:

        I think Gallas is more than decent but not sure he has the pace to cope with Torres. Hope you are right.

        I have read they may put out a weak team, so they have a full strength side for Barca. Really ?

        I don’t think they have a hope in hell against Barca so I would be going all out to win the FA cup and for damage limitation against Barca but if they play a weak side on Sunday all the better for us.

        Looks like they will have a weakness at RB.Let’s hope Bale exploits it.

        • Smog says:

          The first step to Bale exploiting it is him actually playing on the left. Lets hope what appears to be basic common sense to the rest of us, prevails.

        • Alspur says:

          I don’t reckon they’ll see it like that at all, against Barca…

          …in the same way that we thought we had a chance against Real (until that lanky half-wit effectively ended the tie after half an hour…), they’ll fancy their chances of a shock…

          All players want to test themselves against the best opposition – so, Chelsea will want to play their best XI against Barca, I’m convinced of it…

        • Alspur says:

          Plus, Roman doesn’t give a f*ck about anything other than winning the CL!!!

    • PeterTheStoreyTeller says:

      Smith and SA CB Khumalo.

    • UnkleKev says:

      A CB pairing of Luiz plus 1 would be much more of a concern I’d’ve thought.

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