Exclusive Footage Of Arry Celebrating Getting England Job + Latest Quotes

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Good afternoon.

I have bad news. The chimps didn’t make it. Arry instead has struck a new vein of Peter Principle gold. 

“People forget where Tottenham should be at times. They have won two Carling Cups since 1991, the average finishing position until four or five years ago was probably about 10th – our form is fantastic.”

“There is not a lot between the two teams, but they have the medals to show for it.They have been there and done it all in the last few years.”

It is beyond my wildest dreams that we’ve landed such a gifted motivator and man manager to marshal our boys. Our form is fantastic. We’re not second best in any respect. It could go either way, but they might edge it.

I just love it. 

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  • richspurs says:

    tongue twitchy

  • Jim Barnett says:

    Someone needs to tell Harold to keep his smart arse comments to himself – I think it was Billy Nic who said that the season ticket holders are the most important people at the club as they’ve out their money up front – that’s not meant to reignite the whole I’m a proper fan cos. have a season ticket blah blah blah blah debate

    All he seems to be doing is getting the fans backs up! I think when it comes to games like this he still thinks he’s at wet spam thinking that a draw or the achievement is better than actually getting a victory

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      You are spot on Jim.

      Admittedly the revenue streams have changed a little over the years. I was talking to a chap called Dharmud in Malaysia recently (I think KL Spurs is a pal) and these guys are as committed financially and emotionally as all of us.

      But you Bill as bloomin’ usual was on the money. The fans deserve respect for ploughing in the money and respect that they do week in week out.

      Instead of this ‘damage limitation’ guff, he should be geeing us all on. Reminding the world what a great squad we have. The fact that so many football fans regard us as exciting to watch.

      Why would anyone want to buy a season ticket, an airplane ticket or a replica shirt from the club he talks about? They sound like a vaguely upmarket Villa.

      • Chrispurs says:

        In a word Mr H. Leadership; that’s the thing lacking, with Arry, and a bit of savvy.

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I don’t except him to come out and say we’ll spank them 4-0, but a don’t underestimate us, we play exciting football and WE BEAT YOU the last time we played at Wemberleeeeeeeeeeee would go some way…

      • Miamispur says:

        Ad for his new real estate venture:

        Triffic slightly newish ‘omes. Was going to be a luv’ly neighborhood once, don’t mind the poor sods down the road as I ‘ad to ‘ave some low income ‘ouses included to get the permits.
        They forget where they shud be at times, bunch of idiots.

  • munso says:

    and the good news just keeps coming….kaboom out, terry and cole fit!

  • Chris says:

    he is a dick! doesnt make any difference what has been done in the past it is now that matters! we have a side that should be doing better but we also needed to invest in more players!

  • Miamispur says:

    What is truly baffling is that with it being last season part II, or more eloquently put CHOKE, CHOKE. Why the hell has Levy not placed a gag order on this idiot-Oh sorry that’s us!
    I am beginning to suspect that there maybe a misdiagnosis of Terets Syndrom here.

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