Internacional Reject €19M Bid For Damiao

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It’s difficult. It’s very tough. I said to the man who’d been sleeping rough… word in from various places in the Italian press that a sizable bid of some €19m for Leandro Dimebar has been rebuffed.

The suggestion which makes perfect sense is that Internacional are looking for some decent performances in off season friendlies will only stand to increase the players market worth which they believe to be closer to €25m.

So fair do’s for Levy & Co. getting in early, but this tactic is bound to be employed by the bulk of selling clubs this summer and it will be to our team’s credit if they can get any deals done …prior to the usual eleventh hour debacle. 

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  • MyOldSkoolisinParkLane says:

    Wow – we nearly did a deal again – Levy is certainly trying ( trying is the word)

  • nobby nobbs says:

    I just wish levy would show some real intent, we have followed this player for 2 years. Shouldve gone in £20 mil, bought vhim job done.
    Get the Dutch guy, 2 players,job done.
    Then get rid of all the parasite who dont wear the shirt but still pick up a players wage.

    Thfc and tranfers…abit like being really good at ironing.

  • Chrispurs says:

    Isn’t it normal practice, to reject the first offer. I think we’ll get him; my feeling is that Levy will want some big names, after the CL debacle.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    I hope your right, sadly I suspect I am merely be older than you Chrispurs

  • mendes says:

    When one door closes another slams shut. We’re doomed I tell you, doomed.

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