Date: 14th May 2012 at 11:18am
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I keep reading comments from awfully well meaning types this morning saying that at the beginning of the season they would have taken fourth.

Wow. How noble. But more to the point, what a really odd thing to say.

In isolation, finishing fourth is a good thing – no; an excellent thing. football and peck on the cheek from the Prom Queen. So what if another team outside the wins the Champions League and nudges us out? What are the odds?! You can’t legislate for crazy, madcap things like that happening. Can you? 

Well you can.

Because this finish wasn’t in isolation to anything. To assert otherwise is insane. Not optimistic, not naive but just common or garden bonkers. 

Given that weren’t struck down with any season wrecking injuries or suddenly faced teams that revolutionised football the flushing of the 10+ point advantage is why we’re all now nervously making pro Bayern noises. 

Some of you can’t cope with the reality of the situation. You’re the same lemmings that haven’t noticed that since he’s run out of exit doors that has started calling us, ‘us’ again and not referring to us in the third person.

What happened to this Club this season is nothing shy of scandalous. 

And now we have the rogue playing the health card as many do when they’ve run of legitimate reasons why people should bother paying them any attention.  He’s saying he might not got to the Euros with the BBC because of his trials and tribulations. Ooh my heart, ooh me tax case. Ooh naff off you chancer. 

“I want Bayern to beat , whether Frank plays or not.

 “He knows there’s no love lost. My allegiance is only. I want Tottenham in the Champions League next year.


“I’ll be rooting for Chelsea I want to see an English team win it anyway and I think they can do it.”

 April 21st 2012

  “If people get carried away with what Tottenham should achieve, they need a reality check.”

Arry, the only reality check people want is the Board to replace you with one of those orange Keepon things off the EDF advert …or something equally competent.