Vertonghen Talking This Morning Of ‘Another Year At Ajax’

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I trust UK viewers are enjoying the heat. In some parts of Scotland men are turning from grey to white as they prepare to burn. 

Speaking of getting burnt, Jan Vertonghen has an interview in Nieuwsblad today. It emerges that Levy & Co. were over on Monday, but the deal is far from done. 

“The chairman of Tottenham was Monday in Amsterdam. But they are still out.”

It weighs on you?

“Not really. I did not expect that I would feel so little stress. Otherwise I stay another year at Ajax and I can then leave a free transfer. “

Tottenham will miss the Champions League. Plays a role?

“With me, but perhaps at Tottenham. It might affect their budget.The chances are that there does not seem the first week and a half clarification. But I want to prepare for the new season to startwith my new team. “

Is it true that you said to Ajax, ‘I want to Tottenham if I’m not going anywhere?’

“So I have not said. I said my preference goes to Tottenham. On my feeling. I feel best at that club and I am a feeling person. They have already invited me and want to act fast. They say I’m their only option. That’s a compliment. “


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  • Mitchellthomas says:

    Wonder if we’ll get to see him in action against England in the friendly v Belgium. He’ll be dressed to impress i’m sure. Might be a Spurs player by then

    Shit. F@cking Roxette on internal jukebox now.

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      I’ll raise your admittedly awful Roxette experience with 20 minutes of Let’s Get Ready To Rumble and one other equally banal song in a loop when on hold to Virgin Media yesterday. Got to hear Ant and Dec’s piece de resistance four times before the line went silent. That was off putting enough to ensure I was in no hurry to hit the redial button. Mood music if the mood you’re looking to culture is “pissed off”!

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    Get him before he sobers up!

  • mrdaintz says:

    Get it done FFS!.And please dont sell niko kranjcar if we lose luka thats two quality playmaker’s gone give him games next season harry you muppet must admit regardless of who we sign harry wont rotate again and throw away the europa league and league cup playing 16 year old’s i think spurs have more pressing matter’s in hand than signing player’s try getting a new manager PLEASE.

  • Levy has to ask himself if its about the deal or about the deal.

    Negotiating can be an art but it also can be a world unto itself.
    At that point it becomes more about winning the point than making the deal.
    I mean that if there is a one or two million difference between the clubs it really is about the game and not the deal.
    We have spent almost nothing lately and the difference between the two figures (Ajax’s and ours) cant be that much relative to all of the cock ups of recent history. If we think than this is the player to bolster of defence then what question is there?

    Maybe Daniel is waiting on a deal for Modric and has made a bid and an understanding that if the Modric deal goes through (or whatever) that this one is confirmed.

    Who knows.

    But that ‘who knows’ is something we are used to.

  • Rick says:

    I’ll chip in a fiver to make up the extra cash! who else is with me?!!

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