He’s Actually Retarded

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Good evening viewers.

It’s that man again. So what fit of vitriol has the slack jawed imbecile induced now, I hear you ask? Well, I’m going to be relatively brief and I sincerely pray that Levy & Co. adopt a similar strategy when dealing with this two bob schmuck.

I was insistent that Redschnapps perjured himself by telling the Court that the was a fantastic football manager, but it now emerges he’s also guilty of failing to disclose all about his academic limitations. “I write like a two-year-old and I can’t spell,” was  the line you’ll recall.

He ought to have admitted that he doesn’t have an altogether wonderful grasp of understanding, ‘how numbers work’ either.

“I think it’s overrated what people say about Champions League football and whatever” 

Let me be the first perhaps to explain to Arry why this is conclusion of a complete  and utter retard and not someone we ought to have anywhere near our football club.

Perhaps there are those reading to understand the complete ins and outs of THFC. I do not profess to be an expert. But, what I do get every year is a rather nice email that’s terribly easy to read from the good and wise people at Deloitte. In fact the most recent arrived I think last Friday.

The beauty of this information is that it is presented in manner …well as if they knew that a twit like me – a financial layperson if you will – would need to be able to understand it.

I will attach some hyperlinks to documents that give you the guts, but in a very broad brush stroke, the difference participation in the Champions League tournament makes to a football club’s books is millions.

In 2008/09 our total revenues were £132.7m.

In 2009/10 our total revenues were £146.3m

In 2010/11 our total revenues were £181m.

Deloitte believe that the most recent UEFA distribution monies were worth £28.1m. But this isn’t the whole story, there is a cumulative thing that tales place here. You sell more regular match-day seats, you shift more merchandise as a result of the feel good factor. People get happy at many different tills as direct result.

You want to debate or perhaps don’t understand any of this, Arry? Well last week, the club’s online shop was outing Champions League mugs at a nicker a piece that were previously retailing a £5.99 each. Financial repercussions made easy. Even for thick chancers like you, Arry.

Here’s the latest Deloitte info graphic, I’d embed it but the blog is too small so I link to it here

In a nutshell, whatever allegations may have been hurled at him, this is staggering quote from his own lips is surely the last nail. We’ve had the ‘they’re punching above their weight’ garbage. Which was greeted by anyone witha shred of self respect with complete contempt.

He didn’t give a flying flip flop about Tottenham or his wretched contract when he thought the Engerlund job was nailed on. And now we get this is embarrassing piffle.

Can you imagine any football chairman in the world reading, “I think it’s overrated what people say about Champions League football and whatever”  without laughing? Nobody in their right mind…

Please, let’s get this pilchard out and make next season one to remember for all the right reasons. Jesus wept.

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  • Show Pony says:

    I really pray Levy is about to put him out of his misery….

    • Anon says:

      The only retard is HH. If you’d bothered to read the whole thing instead of reacting like the moronic Pavlov dog you’ve become – you’d have grasped what HR was actually saying. The influence on the offer of Champions League football on potential signings is over-rated. Not the importance financially of the Champions League.

      Grow up and if you’re going to shamelessly play to the gallery then play to a more refined one – not this bunch of braying mules who are clearly barely literate.

      • ndg71 says:

        well said, HH you are not a manager just a moaning git. Redknapp has been brill for us

        • nobby nobbs says:

          Wow I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps when we attract these players at around 15 to 20 mil each they will be happy with £500 a week a Ford Mondeo and renting a room in a shared house. Really. In a significant part it is about affording the players not just attracting them.
          Im not mad its the others !!!!!!

      • devonshirespur says:

        Priceless reply anon, shot HH down in flames and no condescending comeback. This site is becoming so tabloid appealing to the lowest common denominator. Why let the truth or a the actual context of the full quotation get in the way of your bitter entrenched views. Harry out or in….at least try and show some class or does that not sell ad space?

        • lennypops says:

          devonshirespur – you the one from the old BBC606? You post on any forums now? You often seemed to speak some sense and your response (and those above) to this nonsense article is fairly spot-on too. I have no idea what the hell Harry has done to annoy some people. I guess continual improvement and challenging at the top of the table isn’t everyone’s thing.

          Harry out! Get Klinsmann in! Stop this appalling progress right now!

        • Eyeball Paul aka The Eyeballer says:

          Devonshirespur et al, there is one priceless line that pretty much sums Trouty Chops up:
          to paraphrase: ‘we didnt hear HR looking for an extension to his spurs deal when the England job was on offer’….

          Anyway, on the basis of the Ferdinand debacle already engulfing his reign as Engerland’s coach, I cant see Hodgson surviving long after the Euros, and then us Spurs fans will be back to Square One , again (with Trouty Chops and a vacant England Manager’s post)….In a nutshell, I cant see how we can have stability with HR – I’m afraid though, we missed a considerable set of boats when Rodgers and Lambert we assigned their new roles….Its Capello for me when HR leaves..

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          Devonshire you always make comments worth looking out for, that are a good read.

          This is borne out of frustration then or someone’s nabbed you computer. No come back from me as I went to bed. Outrageous I know, but sometime I just do wild things on the spur of the moment.

          You’ve been up against it on here for weeks. Today has been the first real opportunity for you to sound less like a voice in the wilderness and more like part of a like-minded group.

          The the context of the quote doesn’t really have any bearing on matters. Does it? He’s trying to scare us into believing that this overated competition doesn’t make all tha much difference to things. The sole reason I went to the bother of sharing the Deloitte stuff with you was to smash his ignorance for a six, over the boundary and into the car park next door.

          It is extraordinary for a Premiership manager to deride the Champions League. What difference does it make to the players? Well try looking at all the players (oh, I don’t know, since that tournament began) that have jumped ship from a side that doesn’t play it for one that does.

          The only players who don’t give a stuff are the ones that know they’re not at that level.

          As for the tabloid comment, if that’s designed to make me blush, you’ll need to try harder. If you don’t like Adverts then I suggest you stick religiously to the old BBC. Which would be a pity as nobody would hear what you had to say as they don’t have me there to provide fans like you with a platform as insane as this one.

        • Devonshirespur says:

          lennypops…..i am the very same devonshire

          What frustrates me is how people start acting like morons in the face of the less than awful situation Spurs find ourselves in. Total over reaction.

          I was never a harry fan, a gob-shite chancer was my long held opinion and bye and large still is but you cannot argue with the progress Spurs have made under him.

          I rarely pull out the “season ticket” argument but i do think that those who go to the games are generally grateful for some superb times in the last 3 years and that off-sets some of the frustration and anger at what the gob-shite says and does from time to time.

          Harry is insulting to the fans and only concerned with self preservation and promotion. Sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth and while I understand the rough is beginning to out weigh the smooth, it’s a fine balance. Finely balanced situations do not warrant the level of moronic abuse that Harry gets….he also deserves much credit.

          As a footnote: I chanced upon The Premiership Years on a wet tuesday bank holiday morning this week…2003/4, the unbeaten season. Half way through that show they showed the league table and while Arsenal were top of the shop Spurs were bottom 3, Pleat at the helm, Hoddle the savior of WHL had been removed early that season. AT the end of that season Arsenal’s 90 point total was double ours…a 45 point gap. Now that really is “Mind the Gap”

          We are now competing at the top level, competing without the resources of those in and around us.

          Unless there is someone OUTSTANDING to take Harry’s place then he deserves another season, one where he has a well-resourced and balanced squad. Give him the chance to rotate, give the options to change tactics, give him the ability to cover injuries. I believe he has deserved that…those promoting AVB and Martinez in his place must be insane.

          HH….I tolerate adverts if the content of the main feature warrants it. In the case of this site, the balance is no longer a fine one.

          • Harry Hotspur says:

            I agree with much of that, but you want it both ways.

            Calling Arry retarded isn’t sophisticated, I won’t dispute that. But nor is calling you an idiot. Which he did, or did you miss that?

            The game has changed. So we as fans can chose our path. Be brave and follow its lead, or hide behind our sofa/season ticket book (please delete as appropriate) and occasionally mumble ‘we’re punching above our weight!’ or ‘we’ve never had it so good!’

            I haven’t got it in me to list our glorious leader’s strengths, I’m too exhausted from his idiocies that I refuse to overlook.

            To be an Arry apologist requires a level of forgiveness I’d associate with a priest and of all my faults I can’t summon up that much piety from within.

        • DaveK says:

          The point about CL not making any difference re: players is correct in the context of Spurs as Levy will not pay the transfer fess or salaries required for top-class players, so being in the CL makes no difference to the level of players we can attract.

          People moan about Harry’s bargain buys and Dad’s Army but if the Chairman will not spend money as he hasn’t in the last 4 windows or so, what option does the manager have to fill gaps in the team.

          Harry isn’t perfect but he isn’t crap either.

        • lennypops says:

          Harry did not say all Spurs fans are idiots. I know some people like to have a little cry over that now and again but it didn’t happen. Sorry. You could almost say that believing that he did was…idiotic.

      • A brain surgeon says:

        Calm down Anon. Levy & Arry’s job is to improve the club’s stock re squad, league position and finances during their time at the club. HH’s job is to keep people clicking on and contributing to the conversations he sets up.

        Overall both are pretty successful, no?

      • Andy says:

        What if i think both HH and Redknapp are wankbags? whos side would i be on then?

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Its like ‘Being there’ with Peter Sellers ..without the humour…..

  • onedavemackay says:

    Depends what you are comparing the Champions League to.

    I’d rather have a week end away with Nigella

    Nigella would rather wear sackcloth and walk on hot coals

  • Johnny says:

    Good stuff.

    Harry out (echo since for ever).

    Why hang on to a manager who can’t read, can’t write, have no clue about the numbers, laugh at tactics and constantly have an urge to give away info about the club? Harry is all about Harry.

    Get Martinez in. Smart, educated, well spoken, love tactics, a likable man who could be our man for the long term. And his team play pretty sweet football to.

    • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

      Why hang on to him? Hhmmm….maybe because of two top four finishes and a fifth in the last three years on no decent budget compared with his immediate peer group?

      • Johnny says:

        The squad he have worked with to achieve those top finishes is not exactly mid table calibre don’t you agree?
        He have international players in every position. Some of the most talented players in the league to work with. It is not as if he took a squad of Wolves quality and got them in to the CL.

        Levy (and his former DoF´s) have built the squad of today. All of Harrys signings are either sold or on their way out. Harry is good at putting a smile on players he plan on using in the first team, I give him that. But overall I think he is useless.

        • John says:

          What a load of tosh bake wasn’t a 50 million pound player modric wasn’t a 40 million pound player under Ramos we where at the bottom some people have very very short memories he was wrong the way he handled the England job should have come out told the press not talking about the job ask any questions not answering them

    • calebray says:

      hes my ideal man, i am sure he is levys too because of his track record of rebuilding quickly when top players are sold (not a dig at levy)

      and he operates with the class and dignity we have been missing since BMJ

  • calebray says:

    when did he say this?
    i cant ask in what context because that question is not worth a pair of fetid dingos kidneys.
    I actually take this personally now.
    I am sure that levy will too, especially in the light of contract extensions apparently underway.

    I can take comfort in it though, he is talking himself out of there better than i ever could.

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