Date:23rd June 2012 at 9:43am
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Knee deep in the Euros and quite frankly …enjoying it.

I was chatting to a fellow Tottingham pal of mine late last night and we both arrived at the same conclusion. What really matters the most about this tournament is Scott Parker.

Parker is quite possibly the key to next season. If we ride our luck, then the season after that too. When he was on our radar I was as guilty as anyone wondering why one earth we were even considering him. After only a few appearances I was wondering where he’d been all my life.

The answer is he’d been kidnapped by modern football. But you have to take the Eurythmics line here. It’s alright – baby’s coming back and I don’t really care where he’s been.

Goals win games, yeah yeah, we know all that. But Goals at The Lane have come from all over the park while we sat about about waiting for us to hoodwink some 30+ goals a season merchant into signing. 

The goals trickled in and mounted up, as our defence feel to bits. Again. Can you see where I’m going here?

Scotty Parker has been by a country mile the most influential player in the Lilywhite in recent times. Those of you who cook will know that it’s the eggs that bind. And Scott Parker was the nucleus of our our consistency. That thing we’d been missing arrived and was a perfect fit.

His derring do performances for us have made him an obvious pick for Uncle Roy. England’s performances have been, so far anyway pretty accomplished. International tournaments have rarely been something I could get my teeth into as a Spurs fan but Parker has had me settled in early for all his games. 

At 131 years of age we are of course witnessing the ‘autumn’ of his career, but what matters most is… it is with us. 

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