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Knee deep in the Euros and quite frankly …enjoying it.

I was chatting to a fellow Tottingham pal of mine late last night and we both arrived at the same conclusion. What really matters the most about this tournament is Scott Parker.

Parker is quite possibly the key to next season. If we ride our luck, then the season after that too. When he was on our radar I was as guilty as anyone wondering why one earth we were even considering him. After only a few appearances I was wondering where he’d been all my life.

The answer is he’d been kidnapped by modern football. But you have to take the Eurythmics line here. It’s alright – baby’s coming back and I don’t really care where he’s been.

Goals win games, yeah yeah, we know all that. But Goals at The Lane have come from all over the park while we sat about about waiting for us to hoodwink some 30+ goals a season merchant into signing. 

The goals trickled in and mounted up, as our defence feel to bits. Again. Can you see where I’m going here?

Scotty Parker has been by a country mile the most influential player in the Lilywhite in recent times. Those of you who cook will know that it’s the eggs that bind. And Scott Parker was the nucleus of our our consistency. That thing we’d been missing arrived and was a perfect fit.

His derring do performances for us have made him an obvious pick for Uncle Roy. England’s performances have been, so far anyway pretty accomplished. International tournaments have rarely been something I could get my teeth into as a Spurs fan but Parker has had me settled in early for all his games. 

At 131 years of age we are of course witnessing the ‘autumn’ of his career, but what matters most is… it is with us. 

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  • Baileyspur says:


  • Sid Trotter says:


    I believe that Scotty Parker was once a cubscout

    I also believe that he kicked the crap out of Baden Powell

    I also believe I can fly …

  • WhiteYidLane says:

    Parker is a good player and is doing a great job for England, he is a steady player without being anything out of the ordinary, his passion and his willingness to work hard give him that edge on alot of players much like him.
    With Spurs though, we have a better player than Parker in Sandro, and I can’t see Spurs ever playing with two holding midfielder’s, but the good thing in having both is we can rotate them, I’d like the look of say Sandro at home as he is more attacking minded than Parker, and Parker Away , but saying it still makes me feel we should be playing Sandro as our 1st choice, and will be interesting to see how it actually works out, Sandro is world class and I can’t be saying the same of Parker tbh.

    • Flipper says:

      I dunno, if we ever played a 4-3-3 I wouldn’t mind seeing Parker as the holding player and Sandro in the box to box role, although it’d require Sandro to be a bit more careful in possession than he is now. A setup like that would also open up more options in the 3rd, more creative role since they could get away with less defensive duty.

    • LDNYid says:

      In a 433 they could both work, I think sandro’s natural game is more box-to-box. With a modric or moutinho (wishes), Parker holding and sandro providing energy and power both defensively and going forward, it could work very well…

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Sandro is what J**** kept telling us he was.
        Parker is a holding player feeding the likes of Sandro or Modric (wishes) or moutinho (wishes).

        • WhiteYidLane says:

          LOL What utter rubbish!! You need to wise up on your players and how they play, where they play, what they are good at and what they struggle to do. Parker holding to feed Sandro?.. LOL .. Dear me! Iv’e read it all now.

    • onedavemackay says:

      Sandro physically and skill wise has the edge over Scotty but he doesn’t yet compete mentally though that will come in time. I think they can play together and probably will if Modders leaves though hopefully Tommy H will be back in the frame soon.

      For the moment, however, S Parker is the man. His never say die attitude infects the whole team he is an out and out winner.

      In an ideal White Hart Lane Sandro would take over from Scotty in a year or two’s time.

      In the real world the only thing to stop Barca or Real etc buying Sandro in a couple of years would be Spurs becoming Prem and CL contenders.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        They are different players.

        • WhiteYidLane says:

          They are both defensive midfielder’s ..Different players of course, You could also say Giggs and Bale are different players yet they play the same position, that argument they are different players is tosh!

          • Harry Hotspur says:

            It’s not ‘tosh’ yet inadvertently you have shone a light on why. Work it out and I’ll mail you a lollypop.

        • WhiteYidLane says:

          It’s ok I have seen enough of your fantastic knowledge of players , coaches etc..As i said..Tosh!

      • I think Sandro is as mentally tough as Parker.
        He is more like Dave than Parker is as he tackles with more weight behind it and can go forward as Dave did.
        Dave is also my favourite all time player.

      • cyril says:

        well palacios and sandro did very well away at the san siro, so maybe sandro and parker can work
        of course pienaar was good that day

  • Wagahumper says:

    “Scotty Parker has been by a country mile the most influential player in the Lilywhite in recent times. ” Really? That’s a little to generous! He,s been great but Sandro will surely be a better player than Scott’s has ever been IMO ?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      How can you mark Parker down on the basis that Sandro ‘might’ be better?
      Also I think people are going to grasp next season that they are in fact, two very different players.

  • norffy says:

    Parker has been fantastic for us and adds that much needed steel that Davids could have supplied had we got to him years earlier!
    My concern with Scotty is that although he breaks down the opposition and stops them playing, he does slow our game down, where as Sandro adds more to our fluid style of play!

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