Personal Terms Agreed Say French & Italian Media

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Good morning.

This might be another ‘Vertonghen’ by the looks of it.

Which is to say that it’s all over bar the fine tuning of the fee. It is important to remember that football player transfers these days are highly complex beasts. And buying or selling with Spurs is not dissimilar to arranging a hire purchase deal on a second hand washing machine.

Lyon goalie Hugo Loris is supposedly happy to get measured up for a Lilywhite shirt with L’Equipe among others suggesting a fee around about the €20m mark.

This would be a super duper addition as the brave new world that the boy Boas is building will almost certainly run what they call in the trade a high line and quite frankly, for all his plus points I’ve seen nippier static caravans than the Bradster. 

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  • Tippy says:

    What’s Keith saying about this?

  • Goods says:


  • Sharon says:

    première! :)

    Bring on the season, I bloody can’t wait!

  • Gestie says:

    At this rate of buying we are going to need a garage sale for last years’ squad members.

  • Jameson says:

    Gutted that we appear to have lost out on the Oscar kid, watched a game the other night, he scored and looked class :(

    • cookiebun says:

      And Modric’s getting a free transfer. Doom, Gloom, We’ll all be murdered in our beds.
      Chelsea have not even bid on Oscar. CHEER UP MAN.

    • superspurs says:

      Says who? Chelsea?

      its not over until i see Oscar in a Chelscum shirt.

      After all we are the ones with a “sporting partnership” with them not them

      • Jamie says:

        Would love it to be so, but his agent has come out today and said it’s Chelsea.
        F*ck it, Moutinho or Modric stays. Mendes is both Moutinho and Mourinho’s agent. If Mourinho wants Modders he’ll have to pull some strings.
        These noises about Lloris business on the other hand is HIGHLY exciting. Him and Ade by the weekend and I’ll be beside myself.

      • DaveYid says:

        @SuperSpurs – Sporting Partnership does not however mean exclusivity in the buying of players…besides, do we even need Oscar when we have Siggy Stardust?

        Or is this plan to buy him just a ploy to make sure Chelsea can’t have him?

    • PapaSpurs says:

      What game was that?

      It sounds as though it may have just been one of his greedy agents mouthing off. The player and Internacional have both said there’s been no offers.

      • superspurs says:

        Think the biggest problem with Oscar is 3rd party ownership, Inter own 75% of him with a 3rd party owning the other 25% so while Inter are happy to sell the 3rd party have to be paid too

      • Jameson says:

        Internacional v Cruzeiro

    • Clarkspur says:

      The Chelski link is paper bollox. Internacional have confirmed there are NO bids in and no talks opened on Oscar or Leandro.

      Just hacks thumbing through the Brazilians and keeping themselves in a job.

    • Kevaspur says:

      Just wandering if this is a ploy by Chelsea to get us to sell them Modric?

    • `rich g says:

      no offers for him, its all bs

      • Jameson says:

        ESPN reporting it now.

        • tom says:

          The same ESPN who said this week bale could still leave despite signing a new contract and publicly speaking about the first game of the season? They have rapidly diminished in my opinion.

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