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Good afternoon.

Gareth Bale’s in the public eye. Not for his ear adjustment, rather the fact that he swerved playing football in the Olympics for Team GB. Sepp Blatter wants the Welsh wizard banned. Nice work Sepp.

With all the corpulent corruption that exists in the modern… oh hang on, you’ve been on the take since ’88 so the route of this is almost certainly down to trying to some elaborate five star junket this summer…

 “If a club does not release a player then this association can come to FIFA and we will then ban this player during the Olympics.

“So far nobody has come to us but it is a possibility we could ban these players if they are not at the disposal of the national team.”

Bale is quoted as saying:

“My rehab’s gone very well at the club. We are well ahead of schedule and I am glad to be back.”

Gary Lineker tweeted:

“Once in a lifetime opportunity thrown away. Baffled.”

Well Gary, maybe he’s actually interested in taking part in something useful like a  preseason with a team that are part of the real world – opposed to some public school boy, London centric w@ankfest.

Not everyone is basking in the glow of the spirit of the games.  The majority of people see The Games exactly for what they are; an over hyped, over priced hotch potch of minority sports that nobody really cares about. 

Elsewhere Gomes has been opening his heart to The Sun. I say opening his heart but anyone with half a brain could have guessed what he had to say. Arry was a poor communicator, froze out a player who’s form dipped rather than addressed issues and cost the club millions by refusing to sell the player on. What a blessing that parasite was eventually binned.

After watching some highlights on ESPN I see that some some proclaimed tactical geniuses are already declaring themselves not only experts but severe critics on the Andrè Villas-Boas ‘high line.’ 

I’ll keep this brief. 

One, if you could discern or deduce anything from watching what’s occurred out there so far please forward me a mailing address because I want to send you a special shiny medal (not one of the normal ones).

And two, if you are worried about the implementation of a high line after three seasons of applauding A&E and Walker playing as out and out wingers then you know more about oven chips than you do about football.

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  • MitchellThomas says:

    I *heart* crinkle cut H. Quala-TEE

  • BrisbaneLillyWhite says:


  • MitchellThomas says:

    Oh yeah – Spurs. Agree with your sentiments. Remember pre-season with Ramos? Unbeaten, smote all whom were put in front of us.

    Don’t get sucked in by the press and their pro-Redschnapps nonsense. Let’s give AVB a proper whack and see our team play live in front of us to judge what is and isn’t being implemented.

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Great point about th Ramos pre season. I had forgotten about that.

      Sweep the leg??!! Sod that. Bring me Tong Po!

  • CLaw says:

    This whole business about Bale has wound me up, especially coming from Sepp Blatter of all people!

    He WAS injured when the squad was announced and, as Pearce himself has said, because you only have 18 spots, you can’t afford to take someone who MIGHT be fit.

    He’s obviously been working hard to get fir for the new season. Playin 90 mins in a friendly is not like playing up to 6 games in 16 games. He might not play our next 2 friendlies!

  • Bonse says:

    Why is it dependant on whether the EFA complain, doesnt the WFA have a say in it, after all they’re the ones that intimated that he would no longer be welcome to represent his country should he take up this once in a life time oppurtunity.

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