Is Nuri Sahin The Lady In Red?

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Good afternoon.

I knew today was at best going to be a bit iffy from the moment I was blasted by some Peruvian looking geezers wearing the full red Indian garb in the city centre this morning.  

They were playing that timeless South American classic, ‘Riders In  The Storm’ which I kid you not segued seamlessly into, ‘Lady In Red.’ 

And so to Spanish media who are claiming that Sahin is Emptycrates bound. 

They say that the idea of a Premiership loan was The Special One’s idea and whilst suggested as a makeweight in ‘Operation Modric’ it was Tottenham that didn’t fancy merely a loan of the Turk. 

This would be an unusual move by Aunty Wenger. She doesn’t normally warm to loan deals. But, given that the old goat is certifiably deluded anyway, she probably thinks this sort of thing may impress van Wotsis Name to ‘hang on in there.’

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