Villas-Boas Blasts Modric & City Drag Their Feet On Manu

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André Villas-Boas spoke briefly with a reporter from as the lads were waiting to depart from Thiefrow Airport.

When it was suggested that he would know Jose Mourinho’s ambitions in relation to Modric as well as perhaps anyone, Villas-Boas referring Real Madrid’s existing midfielders said “There are eight, right?” as he then physically counted out the players names on his fingers.

Here Villas-Boas is implying that perhaps Real Madrid may not quite see Modric to be the invaluable missing piece of Jose’s puzzle he might view himself to be.

On Modric not travelling Villas Boas was to the point.

“I think Modric is wrong. This will go against you. Has worsened the situation with what you are doing and now the president is very angry.

Also has not caught in good time to Daniel Levy. is happening these days in the U.S. because his wife is ill. ” 

 When asked, “Are you interested in Cazorla?” André Villas-Boas replied,  “Our team is constantly looking for players. But I do not talk about it.”

What a refreshing change to have coherant manager who is ‘on message’ with the both the club and it’s supporters.

Adebayor? Well has has been widely reported, he’s in the States, but the other side of the country. That said, he’s closer to the Spurs first team than he is the Manchester City’s which is in Austria.

As previously on here, Ade has signed off everything with Tottenham but the delay is at the City end, this corroborated by Jasper and Marcspurs on Spurs Odious as well as JJetset formerly of Spurs Community. 

Quite why people expected this to be a deal wrapped up in the time it takes to make a Pot Noodle whilst beyond me, it doesn’t surprise me. 

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