Bang Bang: Levy In Strong For Llorente

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Good evening.

Did you hear the one about the one hit Porto wonder, the Chelsea reject and the loss at Sid James Park? Stop me if you’ve heard it…

Tactically we were far, far superior. A solitary point after the Defoe goal would have been just fine. The penalty? Oh dear… a self inflicted wound.

Of course losing is rubbish. It stings like little else. But let’s keep some perspective. We’re capable of that ‘cos we is highly intelligent people. The transfer window has yet to shut. Balague is a damn decent source.

Player ratings, analysis to make your eyes bleed in the morning.

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  • Spurs 37001 says:

    Can someone tell me why the transfer window has to close at the end of the month, rather than just before the start of the season. It does seem to be awfully inconvenient.

  • essexian76 says:

    Driving home tonight listening to the fuckwit ginger twat ponce Durham-I understood that Modric had gone, Bassong had gone-Huddlestone had been loaned out to Stoke and Dawson was on his way to QPR for 5.5m, he then had a debate as to whether AVB was in control of his senses and how a repetition of the Chelsea scenario was about to unfold on us-and someone had the temerity to say this blog get’s it wrong?
    All of these things may happen, but never in the hour or so I listened- did he suggest they hadn’t already and actually were speculation…all that BS just to get a few people to phone-in-perhaps Harry you should start a station of your own YIDFM and then many fellow yids wouldn’t have to be subject to litening that arsehole ever again

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