Hurrah! We’ve Signed Willian. Probably.

Image for Hurrah! We’ve Signed Willian. Probably.

Good afternoon ladies.

A journalist for Russia Today a Mr Aleksey Yaroshevsky told talkSPORT earlier that he understands from his Ukrainian sources that we have agreed a deal with Shaktar Donetsk for the services of Willian.

Whilst certain sectors of the media were quick to run with the old, ‘rejected bid’ spiel this may well prove yet again to be a case journos simply making stuff to fill column inches.

Is he worth £20m? At this stage my immediate response has to be who cares. A long term target of the boss. Get the boy in.


I see that quotes accredited to me appear on a another Spurs blog. To say these quotes have been doctored would be flattering. Then if my blog was 30,000 places behind his [according to] and if I was an insecure bed-wetter then maybe I’d behave like that. On an upbeat note I got the emails in earlier today confirming that the same gang of illiterate hyenas are now being pursued by various bodies for both content violations and abuse of usage terms. 

Lots of ways to skin a cat especially a stupid one. My preferred method is always with an unfeasibly sharp knife.

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