Hurrah! We’ve Signed Willian. Probably.

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Good afternoon ladies.

A journalist for Russia Today a Mr Aleksey Yaroshevsky told talkSPORT earlier that he understands from his Ukrainian sources that we have agreed a deal with Shaktar Donetsk for the services of Willian.

Whilst certain sectors of the media were quick to run with the old, ‘rejected bid’ spiel this may well prove yet again to be a case journos simply making stuff to fill column inches.

Is he worth £20m? At this stage my immediate response has to be who cares. A long term target of the boss. Get the boy in.


I see that quotes accredited to me appear on a another Spurs blog. To say these quotes have been doctored would be flattering. Then if my blog was 30,000 places behind his [according to] and if I was an insecure bed-wetter then maybe I’d behave like that. On an upbeat note I got the emails in earlier today confirming that the same gang of illiterate hyenas are now being pursued by various bodies for both content violations and abuse of usage terms. 

Lots of ways to skin a cat especially a stupid one. My preferred method is always with an unfeasibly sharp knife.

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  • MarseilleYid says:

    Willian would be a good start. I’d like to see Lloris and M’Vila follow him.

    • robbie says:

      Im very confident that we will be getting Lloris!

      • ItalianSpur says:

        What is the point of spending 15 mil on a goalkeeper when we have friedel who is still top draw ? Has dembele set the prem alight ? Scores less then modric. Remy also mediocre. M’vila ? another defensive midfielder on top of Sandro,Livermore,Parker ? Enough mediocreties and lets buy Damiao!

        • Chris says:

          Maybe because Friedel is 42 and we have the chance to grab a genuinely world class goalie

        • Bobbles says:

          And livermore is doing it for you is he?

        • ItalianSpur says:

          Friedel (41) is still top draw so a goalkeeper is not urgent (as he showed against WBA). And when Parker is fit you think M’vila is better then Sandro or Parker ? If Spurs sign Willian only one other central MF will play along side hime. Lloris world class ? How many times have you seen him play (apart from Youtube clips I mean) ??

        • ItalianSpur says:

          Ps. Just heard on SkySport Italia a certain Mr Berbatov has to deciede between Fiorentina and……Tottenham.
          And seeing as how you think Friedel is old and over the top Spurs are in contact with that other spring chicken Del Piero (37) also sky italia

        • Happy hamster says:

          Dembele is a class performer you only had to see his performance in the 3-2 loss to man it’d he will sit in the middle creating
          I think willian tell will replace Lennon on the wing and will have end product
          Have faith whatever the season holds avb is a class above the twitcher

    • Tony says:

      I would love to see Dembele on board. Class act

    • Andrew says:

      100% agreed! I would have somehow favored Pjanic but that wasn’t a reality. Willian will do just fine. He has a lot of pace and skill. I still wish we had someone to give Lennon competitiuon on the right. Lennon has some skill and plenty of pace but unfortunately isn’t a very good goal scorer.

      If Gio only had his head on his shoulders, he would have been an excellent match on the right. A left footed player that can cut inside the 18 and blast it with his left boot. Now I hope we can land M’Vila along with Lloris and hopefully Remy. We can count Damaio coming to the Lane. I wonder if this Anderson and Nani thing is just smoke without fire?

  • ran says:


  • peter says:

    Not knowing much about the player but sure looks good on youtube, but then again so did pav. From what we see saturday surely a striker is needed as well as a modric replacement. Coys ttid

    • MarseilleYid says:

      Is Willian really a Modric replacement? Seems more like a VdV/Lennon hybrid to me.

      • david says:

        Only player I have heard us linked with who could be classed as a Modric replacement of sorts is Dembele who has a release clause of £15 million.

      • GinolasLeftNut says:

        He’s like Lennon. But good.

        • johnny cakes says:


        • DaveK says:

          I hope he is better than he looks on YouTube….normally those type of videos make the player look like Messi on steroids but Willian’s one make him look like an enthusiastic park player, lots of energy, no end product….maybe they were just bad nights?

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Very harsh :angry:

        • cornerpin says:

          So what should we do with the little rat Lennon if this so called Class act joins??

      • Astro Spur says:

        You pretty much hit the nail on the head there, he would still be a class edition though if we did get a modric type replacement as well. Dembele would be my choice.

        • Andrew says:

          Dembele is good. You like him, then what about these 3 players that I think are better.

          Name: Paulo Henrique Ganso
          Ctry: Brazil
          Team: Santos
          Age: 22
          Pos: Attacking Midfield
          Sta: 10 goals, 59 appearances

          Name: Éver Banega [Nickname: Tanguito
          Ctry: Argentina
          Team: Valencia
          Age: 24
          Pos: Attacking Midfield
          Sta: 1 Goal, 24 appearances

          Name: Ander Herrera
          Ctry: Spain
          Team: Athletic Bilbao
          Age: 23
          Pos: Attacking Midfield
          Sta: 1 Goal, 32 appearances

          I wish Spurs would have taken a long hard look at these three young stars.

        • Astro Spur says:

          Do you think we’d get Ganso or Herrera for less than £15 mil? Don’t think so and Dembele has already proven himself in the prem so there’s less risk! I didn’t mean that Dembele would be my first choice out of all the creative midfielders on the planet, just of the ones that Spurs can afford, and Dembele fits the bill. Plus he has impressed in a Fulham team, so imagine how good he could be playing with our superior players.Here’s hoping!

      • Andrew says:

        LOL x 15

        A VdV/Lennon hybrid? Good one. Maybe you’re right. Modric wasn’t a goal scorer anyway. That’s why I thought Pjanic or Nani if the latter were inspired would be a great fit, then maybe we could try Willian on the right (If that could work). After we land Lloris and M’Vila, we can try bringing over Remy or Sturridge or both.

    • Stu Barney says:

      So does Jxxxx, but Wills is Brazilian so that’s a start!

    • Habib says:

      We could use Pav about now

  • Ado fla says:

    I had assumed Willian ‘bids’ were a smoke screen to distract from Dembele pursuit; but may be wrong. Both would be great!

  • Cambridge Spur says:

    Please sign Dembele, I think he’d be perfect for us.

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