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Good morning.

Paternity leave eh? I noted that on this blog that responses of outrage toward my tongue in cheek ‘I’m Surprised He Didn’t Consider Adoption Given The Importance Of The Game’ piece were all from men. On Twitter the biggest moans and groans of disbelief that Bale bailed on the Chelsea game were from women. Underlining what we all knew already: some girls are bigger than others.

“It is an indisputable fact that Tottenham are the favourites, but Maribor will be a difficult opponent,” said the 24-year-old. “We are highly motivated and ready for this big match. We want to show the real ‘European’ Maribor.

The fans will be our 12th man and this will be an additional motivation. We want to get as many points as possible in the Europa League and our aim is to finish first or second in the group.”

Maribor coach Darko Milani

Spurs need to seriously step it up tonight. For a tournament that we’re supposed to be taking seriously we could do with performances to reflect it. I was furious after the last debacle. It’s not arrogance, I do not expect us to beat everyone 5-0, but I do expect us to at least have a proper go. Get stuck in and not look like a bunch of pansies killing time, waiting for the coach to the airport.

For those wanting a game with a bit of an edge to it, this could be just the ticket. The images here are what their lot get up to. Prediction? If we win by a goal I’ll be very happy. If the game is marred by Huddlestone prancing around like some wistful schoolgirl I’ll be very unhappy. What we need here is some steel.

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  • Bruxie says:

    We’ll do well to win.

    Get a youngster or two out!

    • Bruxie says:

      I like the photos – but there are comments too!

      I figure we’ll hear the monkey chants and abuse!
      Balkan states again showing their tolerance, consideration and public responsibility.

      If we hear anything at all we should boycott the home leg.

      • LLL says:

        At the risk of arguing for the sake of it: Slovenia isn’t a Balkan state.

      • Bruxie says:

        Indeed Slovenia, as part of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, used to be part of a Balkan State.

        Why it’s been left out now seems illogical.

        Not part of Byzantium or the Ottoman Empire?

        Slovene is a language of the Balkans. Contradictions all over the place.

        Some more reading for you. See the Etymology para.

        • Bruxie says:

          The Balkans comprise the following territories:[15]
          Albania (28,748 km2)
          Bosnia and Herzegovina (51,197 km2)
          Bulgaria (110,993 km2)
          Croatia (56,594 km2)
          Greece (131,990 km2)
          Kosovo[a] (10,908 km2)
          Macedonia (25,713 km2)
          Montenegro (13,812 km2)
          Romania (238,391 km2)
          Serbia (88,361 km2 including Kosovo; 77,474 km2 excluding Kosovo[a])
          Turkey (23,764 km2 Eastern Thrace)
          Slovenia (20,273 km2) – mostly not included[16][17]

          Slovenia! You see you do argue for the bloody sake of it!

          :devil: :shocked2:

        • LLL says:

          I don’t think we learned anything new today. As per usual I am 85% right and you are 15% right. :-D

      • Boy Charioteer says:

        This has a huge advantage over Wikipedia inasmuch as you don’t only acquire vital knowledge free of charge but it is done in a thoroughly entertaining an amusing fashion. Too, there is the bonus of acquiring genuine football knowledge unobtainable anywhere else. :daumen:

      • Bruxie says:

        I shall bear your percentage in mind when next posting (those posts which I carefully design to get a response from you!) and take comfort in the fact that you will only reply with 85% accuracy.

        I am 100% confident in my own ability to gleen a 85% accurate reply from you!


    • Exchange & Mart says:

      ………now then, now then. Shawaddywadday

      • nedkelly says:

        For L, just a daft guess. You heard of LLcoolJ right? Ladies Love cool James? Also ladies dont love laundry. Ah well, not really my best effort but there it is.. Explained

        • LLL says:

          Hi Ned, :winke: it looks like this is for me!

          Yes, I’ve heard of LL Cool J of course, I am a big fan in particular of his guest verse on EPMD’s ‘Rampage’ and think ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ is probably Marley Marl’s last really decent LP as a producer. However, this wasn’t the source of my confusion. I was unclear of the ‘joke’ regarding ‘laundry’. ‘Ladies love laundry’ ‘Ladies don’t love laundry’… :ermm: No, I think I’m still missing something.

  • JoSpurs says:

    Why is Adebeyour not in the squad tonight?

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Maribor…free packet of sweets at the turnstile.

  • Anthony says:

    Adebayor has not travelled so looks like he is back to his usual tricks. He has history aplenty and even if it is a genuine injury/niggle he seems almost bound to cause hassle one way or the other. Just hope we can get a decent performance and the right result which actually reflects what AVB and everyone connected with the club has been saying that we are taking the Europa seriously. Time to do the talking on the pitch, tonight we shall see. We should have more than enough to win reasonably comfortably but then again since when do we ever do that .

    Would like to see the following line up…


    Naughton. Dawson. Caulker. Jantheman

    Thud. Liver salts.

    Lennon. Sigs. Townsend



  • Cheeky Bill says:

    We need to do something decisive here. We cannot go out with a whimper.

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