Date: 7th November 2012 at 10:18am
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Good morning.

Presumably the Daily Mail are busy padding this one out into 250 words that at an absolute bare minimum will all be spelled correctly. aka Tweeted earlier this morning:

Clearly he was deluged with, ‘Oh Benny, has it all gone wrong? Please tell us it has!’ type responses and felt compelled to issue a second Tweet to clarify. It just goes to show the mindset of our ‘support’ in these dark autumnal days.

We’ve too many of our first choice picks missing, did you hear about that? Speaking of which I note from the usually reliable that is down as TBC which doesn’t bode well at all. Not at all. Scotty Parker is two weeks away which points to him missing City and realistically, too. Benny and Moussa are also both TBC so it wouldn’t be too previous to add them to the list. is supposedly 7 weeks away. What joy.

But of course, all this is completely irrelevant. It’s down to the manager. is back in 5 days so there is no need to fuss or flap. had and you never heard him complain. We should have brought in Rodgers. Ah, scratch that. in 12th. Martinez wouldn’t have crashed our plane so early on in the season. Mmmn scratch that, they’re in 13th.

The important thing to do at this stage is remain determined and focused upon apportioning blame. And those who never wanted Villas-Boas appointed must ensure they are lightening quick in self aggrandize themselves. 5th and a speeding like a freight train into a relegation scrap.