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Good morning.

Apologies for resuming normal service. Maribor eh? Word has it a football match broke out. One foul-up, 3 goals and a Street Fighter 2 Turbo move from the Ginger Ninja himself that was worth the price of admission alone. The fat may well have been well and truly chewed out by now, so I would simply add the following:

Hugo was spritely, Walker was unconvincing despite the low scale oppo, Awesome Dawson was moderately awesome, Verhonkytongts was quality, Naughton looked every inch a bloke being played out of position, Azza was his default setting of ‘a bit underwhelming’, Carroll was a shining star, Dances With Cake was sluggish, Bale was frequently causing a disturbance in the force, Ade was doing decent impressions of a good footballer and the Midget Gem was a non stop goal machine.


Luis Martins said something to Andre Villas-Boas that later that evening he immediately regretted.

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  • Gardener's World says:

    Verhonkytongts Dances With Cake :-p :-p :-p :-p

    Luis Martins said something to Andre Villas-Boas that later that evening he immediately regretted.

    Well he was’nt exactly doing a celebratory Pans People dance when a goal was notched up. He deserved to be shoved aside, I would of banned him to the stands or did he lose the bet that an England Cricket type of collapse would happen?

  • Spursman says:

    Amazing, eh? Play 2 strikers and we score 3 goals. Ade was good (and looked interested, if a little bit short of sharpness), Midget Gem took his goals well and Carroll is a better footballer than his namesake that masquerades as one in Wet Sham. Just fear injuries in the middle will cost us against City tomorrow.

    • Jermaine So-Low says:

      4-4-2 is dinosaur football. Don’t know why people keep going on about it tbh. We tried it against Chelsea in the second half at WHL, look what happened? In fact, how many pts did Harry lose by playing the Mike Bassett formation last season? Count them up.. he lost 13pts and a champs league place. Problem we have, is when we win with one upfront, people slag off the players for not scoring ten. When we beat a poor Maribor side with 4-4-2, everybody warms up and starts talking like we are unbeatable.

      If we play 4-4-2 against Man City – we will get shagged and then you will blame AVB for playing Thudd. If you look at the big big teams in the league, none of them play 4-4-2. If you want to beat them, you have to match up in midfield. 4 against 5 is not very intelligent and that’s why Harry would never take us any further. We played better last season using 4-4-1-1, with VDV dropping off into a five man midfield. As soon as he started to change that, teams took pts off us. The last time we really played well using 4-4-2, was at home to Newcastle last season.

      I do think it’s about time the 4-4-2 Armchair pundits woke up tbh.

      • SpursGator says:

        I don’t know if I agree it’s ‘dinosaur football,’ since as soon as anything becomes that, some manager will drag it out of the bag and the press will shout how it’s the next greatest innovation in football (they might even say the Dutch invented it).

        But I agree with pretty much everything else you said, there, So-Low.

        Only thing I’ll add it that if AVB has now declared that Dempsey has been playing striker all along, then I prefer Ade to Dempsey. But it’s also illogical to think that if we then decide that the position is in fact a midfielder, then suddenly Dempsey becomes better than Ade. That would be over-thinking, talking yourself into believing that one player is better than another who isn’t, just because you’ve been moving your x’s and o’s around in your brain too much.

        Of course it’s dangerous to say that now. It might be insinuating that if I was manager, I would just put out my best 11 and tell them to run about a bit. Or something like that. I really wish we could all declare a truce so that we could honestly dissect what’s happening on the pitch – or with the manager – without having to be able to fit that in with whatever we said when we were all fighting about the old manager and all that.

        I say that as someone who was on the fence all along – a silent majority perhaps? But this has gotten to be so strange that we ought to just look forward from here. Face it, neither the loyalists nor the naysayers would have predicted the season we’ve had so far. So that means that you lot are all fucking wrong. So let’s have you get over it and let’s get on with playing the champions tomorrow. COYS.

      • BartSpur says:

        Totally agree SpursGator. I’m so tired of hearing the bring back 442 brigade. I’d like to see a 4231 with Ade playing deeper – as he did a lot against Maribor – & Defoe up front. Dempsey & Sigurdsson don’t look up to it.

  • Spursman says:

    I also want to know whether it was a sonic boom or hadouken that AVB did on Luis?

  • Mark says:

    From the South Stand I has Carroll down as Man of the Match, his first time pass for Defoe’s second was sublime. If hewere Spanish the press would be raving about it.

  • Bukkake-breath says:

    I’d deffinatly play carrol tomorrow.. As it stands Thudd is our best available I don’t want Livermore I want Liverless he stinks.

    Also Boas needs to make Lloris first choice, no team pays 12m for a goalie and doesn’t play him, nobody likes a stroppy Frenchman

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