Date: 10th November 2012 at 10:23am
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Good morning.

Apologies for resuming normal service. Maribor eh? Word has it a football match broke out. One foul-up, 3 goals and a Street Fighter 2 Turbo move from the Ginger Ninja himself that was worth the price of admission alone. The fat may well have been well and truly chewed out by now, so I would simply add the following:

Hugo was spritely, was unconvincing despite the low scale oppo, Awesome Dawson was moderately awesome, Verhonkytongts was quality, Naughton looked every inch a bloke being played out of position, Azza was his default setting of ‘a bit underwhelming’, Carroll was a shining star, Dances With Cake was sluggish, was frequently causing a disturbance in the force, was doing decent impressions of a good footballer and the Midget Gem was a non stop goal machine.


Luis Martins said something to that later that evening he immediately regretted.