Fulham Away The Prematch Prattle

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What can I tell you?

Mark Hughes is that rare thing in football. A manager coming in to the small club to replace the guy who got poached by the bigger club and yet it is he that is looking down the table at the poacher. Pay attention there will be questions afterwards…

Consistency has been Fulham’s friend so far. They haven’t blazed a trail, but they have been as steady as you like, drawing endlessly and most notably holding both Manchester United and Everton at home.

So the task before the Tottinghams is to be as good or better than those two at least. I find it relatively daft to prattle about form at this stage. This match makes everyone eight games in and aside from Chelsea who have had a frankly modest run in anyway you’d be hard pressed to put a cigarette paper between any clubs not called West Ham.

There are of course the usual gang of gout ridden, last minute medical musketeers. Ledders and Sir William Of Gallas may start; but Defoe, Wooders and O’Hara do not. For Fulham, Dickson Etuhu and Damien Duff join Bobby Zamora on their sick parade.

Predictions? I would say ‘you tell me’ but the right answer is oi, Crazy Pavin’, 3MP, PSB you tell me… I suspect that VdV may very well end up being cooed over yet again. Hardly a prediction.

What would be nice is Bentley getting a run out. Or will Azza Blud’s Cadbury Snack be back in full working? Who knows.

Bookies marginally fancy Spurs in respects of firepower but not terms of consistency (wot a shocker) so if you fancy Spurs doing good works then blowing it like an asthmatic, Spurs Half time, Spurs Full time Fulham could pay out handsomely.

Paddy Power are offering evens on a goal after the 72nd minute and I would be inclined to cancel all direct debits/standing orders to your bank in relation to mortgage/loan repayments, flog your furniture and get lumping on this one. You might assume evens was rubbish, but in a tie like this, I say assumption was definitely the mother of all feck ups.



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  • Jerard says:

    its about time Harry. I’ve been waiting for the pre match prattle.

    My team for 2mw is:

    ————- Gomes ———————



  • Burnsy Portugal says:

    Draw written all over it. A score draw of 2-2 would not be a bad result.

    Hope king plays our priority has got to be league.

    I really fancy us on Wed against Inter. In fact my £5 shim shammy shall be a double of 2-2 followed by another 2-2 ! What a few days this is gonna be!!!! The local bar has a Spurs top on the wall and shall be pumping for both games!!

  • seattlespursguy says:

    We have to play our best players in the league without regard to Inter away, so that means that King should play if he’s fit. Everytime I hear someone say King should be saved for CL games I’m reminded of Ramos and that makes me feels stabby.

    —-————- Gomes ———————

    • Jerard says:

      Good point Seattle, but considering a result in Milan can almost assure us of a place in the next round, I would keep King for both Milan games. I feel that Gallas with Bassong or Kaboul are more than capable of holding our defence against Fulham and Everton the following Saturday. Secretly, I would love Pav to play the premiership games, but Harry loves Crouch too much…

      • LosLorenzo says:

        Could it be that King wants to be saved for the CL? And that giving him what he wants may be the best way to convince him to keep defying those burned-out husks he calls knees, and keep on for a couple more seasons?

        • Jerard says:

          I didn’t think of that, but that makes alot of sense. King loves Spurs and Im sure he has always wanted CL football, so I think he deserves to showcase himself on the big stage with our colours on.

      • LosLorenzo says:

        Secretly, I would love for Jenas and Keane to be like Iniesta and Villa. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

        • seattlespursguy says:

          That’s a fair point and if King wants the CL games it would be hard to begrudge him, but I would hate to fall into a pattern of neglecting the league. Oh well, trust in Harry I guess.

  • TMWNA says:

    Flip a coin. That’s how effective our manager is.

  • Kojac says:

    have we got two fit centre backs yet?

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