Date: 5th November 2010 at 10:25am
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This whole love in has been bordering on that Python sketch. He innocently leaves some Kenesio tape on the changing room floor one minute and 30 seconds later someone’s clutching ‘a sign’.

Bale’s extraordinary arrival could be just what the doctor ordered.

I don’t mean in respect of what he achieves on the pitch and all that mallarky, rather the way are perceived. If this lad can hold his resolve, if Levy & Co can ensure they do their bit and not act with so much dispassion that it allows the boys’ head to be turned, then this could be a pivotal moment for the Tottinghams.

For some time it has grated me that we have essentially been a selling club. Yeah,yeah I know there is a list of players we have managed to hang on to, but please – none of them have quite caught the eye of others like those who did abandon us.

No matter how high the regard we hold or anyone else for that matter, they have not had a queue around the block of suitors waving carrier bags of used notes.

But is doing a bloody good impression of, ‘the real deal’ so this is our chance to send out a message that the days of  Carrick, Berbatoss and are behind us.

The prattle will commence in earnest this afternoon. Honest. And on a not entirely unrelated housekeeping matter can I apologize to anyone who emailed me on my new address or indeed the old one of late. Both appear to be made of cheese. Normal service will be resumed and I wasn’t being rude.

Oh yes, decent response to the comp yesterday – looks like most of you got it wrong. Apart from Toddspurs.

Clip stolen from the excellent 101 Great Goals.

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