A Guided Tour Of Crazypavinchenko’s House

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This appears to have been doing the rounds so here she is.

I don’t want to get all pop psychologist, but I keep getting the impression from an awful lot of rich and famous people that their homes are neither nests nor castles.

A&E was on football focus Saturday morning and his gaff was made all the stranger looking by the what was presumably the director’s idea to draw the curtains and shoot under arc lamp in his front room.

Both houses were quite sparse. I’m not a fan of dust catchers but no evidence of books, flowers, pictures… anything. It all seems a bit empty. I remember seeing watching Through The Keyhole a hundred years ago and they had Wolf from Gladiator on.

His flat was 300 shades of white and cream. All flush fitted, airbrushed to death and ├╝ber designed to within an inch of it’s life. You’d have need to get SOCO in to give you any hope of working out who ‘lived’ there.

Pav’s gaff is undoubtedly nice, crazy wallpaper and all, but are they still unpacking? A&E’s living room looked like the sort of place Felching might shoot a high end short film in.

Oh I don’t know, these millionaire rich kids and their minimalist ways. Get some nice Mallards In Flight going on there lads. A touch of the old Hilda Ogdens!

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