Date: 4th February 2011 at 10:34am
Written by:

Having just finished listening to on the radio and two things strike me. One is that I’m amazed I don’t have a buy a new radio today. Two, is I’m becomingly increasingly worried about our glorious manager.

This Beckham thing seems to have become a fixation. We have bigger fish to fry. Yes Beckham would be a ‘triffic’ addition but it terrifies me that somehow the dismal efforts to bring in the right man/men last month are somehow now being traded off against landing Sir David. In November. That’s jam tomorrow, territory.

When it comes to goals most fans prescribe to the old maxim, ‘a goal is a goal’. Many Tottingham fans (notably in the thick of the debate) prefer football played the way. Some wit, some guile , perhaps a dash of flash. Is Redschnapps cooing about Becks relentlessly planting the ball on 3MP’s bonce really what we’re after?

has worked wonders. But are we going to end up being a slick Watford?

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