Mickey Mouse Wears A Rino Gattuso Watch

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Morning my dears. Nothing shy of a sensational evening. I can hardly express how happy it makes me watching us play like that.

Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing. Our mindset was spot on. Our shape and concentration was immense. we kept possession and mopped up the losses of the same. We moved the ball like Champions. This was one one of those rare, rare games that will bench-mark Spurs performances for a generation

The Milanese rain turned out to be holy water absolving Gomes of all previous sins.  He made two extraordinary saves and looked every bit a world class goalie.

Make no mistake this composed Tottenham side beat a formidable European giant in their own back yard and in manner that you would have barely known we were the away side. Look, even naffin’ Ray Wilkins was cooing.

Here’s some player ratings.

Gomes – 9.13 – A pair of breathtaking saves.

Charlie – 8 – Flamini wants arresting for that tackle.

Gallas – 8.96 – Champions League class.

Woody – 8 – Sent a bit of shiver down the spine to see him again.

Sir Les – 9 – No hoofs, no wild headers – looked confident.

A&E – 7.99 – Sound as a pound, thank the Lord.

Azza Blud – 9. 24– The wing heeled winger worked very hard.

Sandra – 9.25 – His best game in the shirt yet – a mature, elegant game.

Sarge – 9.24 – Robust and unrelenting.

Peanut – 8.99 – His best game in the shirt yet n’all.

Modders – 8 – Can’t believe his stitches held.

Krankie – 8Cool calm and Croation. Some bench we have, eh?

VdV – 9.27 – I’m scared how we’d be without him – he was pivotal.

3MP – 9.26 – When he actually gets to play football, he’s a devil.

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  • DL10 Yid says:

    Pity the italians didn’t show as much fight 70 years ago – fuking surrender monkey cowards.

    • Liamyid says:

      hahaha, love that!!!

    • ricospur says:

      you racist scumbag, the yanks bailed out britain anyway you racist scum

      • AFelching says:

        Hold on a moment, the Italians sided with Germany.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        I don’t need charges of racism, thanks.

        I think ‘surrender monkeys’ or whatever might be a bit strong if you lost family in the war, but I don’t feel happy with being Politically correct copper either and wandering around deleting stuff just in case it offends.

        So apologies if you were upset and I am sure the OP would acknowledge that every nation has had it’s own surrender monkeys and he was just pointing out the Italian ones.

        Nothing personal.

        • ItalianPride says:

          I don’t need lesson of fairplay from an Drunk asshole with a QI of two digits, thanks.

          I think “Racists Repressed Donkeys” or whatever might be a bit strong if you lost virginity with a tranexual and avoid the army because you were a nazi-hooligan since birth, but i don’t feel happy with being Politically merciful with a dement and wandering around “everybody knows you delete everything doesn’t kiss your rancid ass”.

          So “fuckyou scum” if you were upset and i am sure OP would acknowledge that every nation had ir’s own racist repressed donkeys and he was just pointing out the “Englishmotherfuckers” ones

          Nothing personal.

      • James says:

        El Alamein….North West frontier…Where were the yanks then

  • Markera says:

    Where’s Woody??

  • spurfanindia says:

    I am gutted that Gattuso is missing the return match.Fellow yiddos will have given him a good reception .. You missed Woodgate in the ratings ..Solid 9

  • Vic says:

    Well, Souness DID play for us so the affinity must have rubbed off a bit. He was certainly glowing in his comments about us.
    And I loved the little dog remark about Gutusso.
    Great night, great performance, great passion, great result. The fantastic comeback last time we were at the San Siro became a massive shot in the arm for us, so this win can do the same.
    Must remember though, it’s only half time.

  • wilboid says:

    Souness used to play for Spurs mate, that’s why he was there on the telly box thing. Definitely a yid. What a great game!

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