Date: 29th May 2011 at 4:06pm
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Hello fight fans.

Sunday bloody Sunday. Last night was good though, eh? Lots of happy faces, shrieks of delight and that was just my front room.  To counterbalance matters was Gary Neville. Who’s face is a mess. His career in TV presenting could be a short one. Less charisma than Shipman, less charm than Crippin.

it is then. Nothing staggering other than appear to have decided to turn up the heat on their interest in the form of a preliminary bid. I use the ‘p’ word not to mask this being some made up punt on my part, rather to acknowledge the grim reality that this is us selling we’re talking about here and I cannot imagine any transaction will be either speedy or pain free.

The master swordsman and erstwhile onion bag burster has been splashed all over the News Of The Screws today. The allegation being that his linesman’s flag was up Imogen Thomas.

Mr has strenuously denied this. And quite right too. The very idea he’d even entertain doing the wild thing with a floozy. He Tweeted: ‘Article about me in today’s is totally untrue. I am seeking advice and will take legal action if necessary.”

?Imogen Thomas took time out from saying, ‘No comment, isn’t it’ to Tweet her own denial: ‘IM ABSOLUTELY NOT IN CHAMPNEYS WITH JERMAIN DEFOE. IM HERE ALONE & HAVENT SEEN HIM. NOT READY FOR ANOTHER MAN IN MY LIFE. CERTAINLY NOT EXS.’ Presumably they had a rather relaxation tape on at Champneys hence her need to shout.

So that’s cleared that one up. And let’s hope the Black Cats get their man.

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