Defoe Offer In & He May Well Take Legal Action

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Hello fight fans.

Sunday bloody Sunday. Last night was good though, eh? Lots of happy faces, shrieks of delight and that was just my front room.  To counterbalance matters was Gary Neville. Who’s face is a mess. His career in TV presenting could be a short one. Less charisma than Shipman, less charm than Crippin.

Jermain Defoe it is then. Nothing staggering other than Sunderland appear to have decided to turn up the heat on their interest in the form of a preliminary bid. I use the ‘p’ word not to mask this being some made up punt on my part, rather to acknowledge the grim reality that this is us selling we’re talking about here and I cannot imagine any transaction will be either speedy or pain free.

The master swordsman and erstwhile onion bag burster has been splashed all over the News Of The Screws today. The allegation being that his linesman’s flag was up Imogen Thomas.

Mr Defoe has strenuously denied this. And quite right too. The very idea he’d even entertain doing the wild thing with a floozy. He Tweeted: ‘Article about me in today’s News of the World is totally untrue. I am seeking advice and will take legal action if necessary.”

?Imogen Thomas took time out from saying, ‘No comment, isn’t it’ to Tweet her own denial: ‘IM ABSOLUTELY NOT IN CHAMPNEYS WITH JERMAIN DEFOE. IM HERE ALONE & HAVENT SEEN HIM. NOT READY FOR ANOTHER MAN IN MY LIFE. CERTAINLY NOT EXS.’ Presumably they had a rather relaxation tape on at Champneys hence her need to shout.

So that’s cleared that one up. And let’s hope the Black Cats get their man.

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  • Jerard says:

    I feel of all our strikers, Defoe is the most lethal. We should sell the other 3, keep JD and bring in Klose, Berba and Leandro…

    • Aimee says:

      yeah, i think he scored a goal sometime last season.

    • ilovespurs says:

      No, no no. We need to keep Pav and Crouch as Crouch is awkard for defenders to deal with. Pav scored 14 goals last season and if Harry played him more he might have even got 20.
      However, we need to buy 2 more strikers. For me its gotta be Aguero and Leandro. Aguero is a little poacher- no. 10 who could get us 30 goals a season. We might have to cough up about 35 mil for him but if Spurs fans ever want to see their team on TV last night again- champs league final, we might have to spend big.
      Secondly, Leandro he looks pretty good and his pace for a pretty tall striker could cause defences all sorts of problems. Leandro wouldn’t come for too much as well probs about 13mil.

      • hotspurhartley says:

        I agree… we do need to keep Pav and Crouch is awkward…. :blink:

      • Finn says:

        I think that’s right. PSB is not even a discussion any more (tho’ fair play on the Irish win and his career record for them), Defoe doesn’t fit our playing style any more. Like Bent before him the team has evolved and Defoe has not, tho’ curiously I think Bent would have had 20+ this year in this style of play… then again so would’ve Herry’s missus with that many chances gone begging).

        Crouch is awkward and a good variation/option especially for changing stride in a game, playing one up away from home with VdV or in europe, Pav can genuinely play, if we can just make him hungry enough for success.

        We need to buy a sniffer, more Law/Greaves than a Hasselbank/Henry.

    • Nunchucks says:

      “Most lethal”. Do have a word.

      They all want putting up against a wall and shooting. Try to stand them up in a row. Save bullets.

  • cambridgespur says:

    oh come on this is lame, surely there’s something more interesting to talk about at spurs? olympic stadium any one?

  • david says:

    I am not seeing her either and will sue anyone who suggests otherwise.

  • astromesmo says:

    I see that ‘Teflon Bladder’ is doing his best to pin the woes of the world on all the evil people around him again up at FIFA towers. He’ll be running for Pope next.

    What a bloody shambles. It makes UEFA look like a positively well-run ship.

    • kojac says:

      is it really going to an election where only he can win,nice gig if you can get it

      i wish the fa and other countries would run their own leagues,i never understand centralisation it kills creativity and flexability with ideas and laws,its why brussells will eventually eat itself and crumble,we fought our way across the world to be run by brussells,no thanks,right on sistas,

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to.


      • astromesmo says:

        Sadly, Bladder seems to have had his blush glands surgically removed. It’s the only way to explain how he can look people in the eye at press conferences and say “There is no corruption in FIFA” without looking like he’d been caught by the missus banging one out to kiddy porn.

      • kojac says:

        twain has some good old quotes doesn’t he

    • eastanglianspur says:

      “He’ll be running for Pope next.”

      No need, he’s already up the Pope’s arse as far as he can get.

  • shahaan says:

    Defoe must GO. Don’t see him as a clinical finisher.. Very little pace.. No touch, control.. Can’t dribble.. Offers very little up front, its like playing with 10 men

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