11 O’Clocker Spurs ‘Sign Decent Human Being’ Shocker

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Good evening.

Maison Hotspur hasn’t a spare vase, jam jar or fluted pint glass so thank you to those who threw flowers after this morning’s matinee.

What does make a real difference to proceedings is when you encounter a footballer who doesn’t get your goat. Maybe A&E is out there spending ¬£4M on a house and having a full blown hairdressing salon installed – at least he has the gumption to keep it under wraps – as he knows the only men who could have ever let that information fall into the public domain and lived it down were Liberace and David Coverdale (c.1987).

No, old A&E deserves our praise. In a frank interview a while back he revealed that football is just a job to him. He owns a car, but also an Oyster Card. And now we get quotes far too many players seem unable to spit out.

“Like I said, I don’t want to move to another club. If I have a good feeling with my chairman I will stay. I don’t have a reason to move, even to play in the Champions League, we can do it with Spurs. We have done it once already, so why not again?”

Now I’m not getting misty eyed because he’s staying, although that’s just dandy by me. I’m genuinely impressed because here is a very honest and decent human being who actually acknowledges that he is part of the situation. We have done it once already. so why not again?

This is what we are after. Something a bit more considered than, “I like go play¬† Chelsea big club.” Or whatever the snake oil quotes from Modders were.

Here, boys and girls is a man prepared to share the previous success and the burden of the task ahead. He acknowledges he was part of the achievement and be default part of the failure to replicate it. But he wants to go on. Not bail.

A&E we salute you.

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  • melcyid says:

    BAE dindt play for the last month and we missed him badly.

    • John White says:

      Reading the comments here and elsewhere, I’d have to concede that Assou Ekotto is a legend; though I think myth is more appropriate. Posters here and elsewhere appear to be completely blind to his poor positioning, total inability to play offside with the rest of the team, bouts of lack of concentration,(which apparently didn’t occur last season! No, really!), and his persistent hoofing the ball up the wing to the opposition’s right back, and are content to merely remember his spectacular retrievals of situations he more often than not got the team into in the first place. Fair enough.
      But to say that he was missed when injured late on in the season is laughably inaccurate, and an insult to those playing, particularly Danny Rose, who was a revelation at left back.

  • Toddspur says:

    So Arry fancies rossi?

    Smoke screen me thinks. Good to hear him reconfirm both his ambition to win the PL AND that we aren’t selling modders or anyone he doesn’t want to.

    Thank god football is almost back.

    ……oh and I’m expecting negatory comments about rent a gob or whatever he’s being called by some of our fans

    • TMWNN says:

      Modric is offski. Rent-a-gob knows it.s

      • toddspur says:

        I have you wrong on that, but I am the eternal optimist arent I

        Lets speak again on Sept 1st where for once I’d like to think you would be delighted to eat some humble pie.

  • Boris Gonesoon says:

    benni is honest that he has no loyalty to us. Luka et al don’t either – they just try and hide it, although that little swine even dropped that facade earlier. a team of bennis i’m not too enamoured with, but a team of stefan freunds now that would be something. and we know that no-one will break that team up because it would be useless.

    • Astromesmo says:

      Now THAT is 24 carat genius. We could call it the New Model Army… That sounds catchy, wonder why no-one’s ever though of it before?

  • Toddspur says:

    Oh and BAE is made of bloody good stuff.

    A legend in the making perhaps. To become one you first need to be very good at football (tick) and secondly loyal (tick) and thirdly stay awake (tbc)

    Top man and will only get better

  • nobby says:

    BAE is a genuine all-round top bloke. He’s improved a lot whilst he’s been at Spurs and what is refreshing is that he acknowledges his success is partly a result of the team & coaching. It is a shame that Modric doesnt have the same ‘debt of gratitude’

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