We’ve Signed A MIdfielder But …They Want First Dibs On Bale

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Good afternoon pop pickers,

Some interesting information has bubbled its way to the surface,  like a fart in bathtub it catches your eye but hardly enhances your life.

Real Madrid are to blame. The Spanish rotters or Los Blancos as they prefer to be called are leading our fearless crack squad of transfer negotiators a merry dance. Benzema on loan came the cry in the last window but a deal went sour after refining, refining and the timing of Higuain’s injury and so Benzema stuck with the devil he knew.

This time around Benzema is still ludicrously a potential target despite he very recent public pledge to the Real cause. Adebayor I’m told would be happy to play for us, but he’s equally happy to sign on permanently with Jose. Reality appears to have sunk in at long last and he knows that whatever shirt he’s in next season the owners of the badge won’t be paying him what he’s been getting.

The twist in the tale is that Real have sought a ‘first refusal’ from us for the boy Bale. This in relation to the season following this one. If this were to be granted then the transfers of Adebayor or Benzema –  or theoretically both – could be made that much easier to facilitate. 

As if a sign of goodwill, the Diarra deal was made painless. A sign of how easy business can be when the seller is guaranteed to be looked after in the future.

Make of this what you will, passed on in good faith by all means do strongle the messenger if it makes you feel better.

There is a ‘fakinel’ shirt up on the ShotDead website and I noticed this morning that orders started flying in yesterday. I deliberately haven’t put it up on here as to me it isn’t spelled correctly and has a ‘c’ in. This will be rectified but in the interim if people want it without the ‘c’ they need to let me or Shot Dead know!

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  • Fatfish says:

    I can 100% confirm that Llorente will be at WHL today. :whistle:

  • A_Felching says:

    Diarra aint even pony, he is a donkey. More pompey shite

    • Jay says:

      You should concentrate on feltching because you obviously know nothing about football and only come on this site to make friends, I think your the one who should be in the kitchen, and take your feltch pump with ya

      • A_Felching says:

        I know we have better players at the club already, another Redknapp chump we will be trying to shift on a loan inside a year

  • snorbitz says:

    More of Harrys shite landed

  • Greavsy18 says:

    If you think Diarra is shite, you can’t know much about football..
    Do we need him (in the other hand) ….. I don’t think so… I pretty sure there are no rules saying…you get this much money to spend on midfield, this much on defence and this much up front…. unless there is…didn’t we just use A LOTTTT of our “striker-money” on a player in a position we DON’T need to strengthen??????????

    • Plod says:

      We always need to look to strengthen our squad in every position whenever possible. Palacous is going and we have 2 injured, happy to sign another quality player.

  • TheBrooks says:

    YES YES I HAVE SEEN Llorente there too :daumen:

    • kmiles says:

      How wierd! Llorente is at WHL on the same day that his team are playing against us!

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        What the Jiggins is occurring, chaps?

        • kmiles says:

          I can confirm that there will be at least 11 players at WHL this afternoon, from EACH team. I can also confirm that a referee, 2 referee`s assistants and a 4th official will definately be there. It has also been reported that fans have been seen going towards the ground, and that various members of staff will also attend, including coaching staff, stewards and catering staff. I have also heard from a reliable source that ball boys will be present, although this is, at this point, unconfirmed.

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