Date:10th September 2011 at 5:19pm
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Hello Honky Tonks.

We done ’em. Eventually. Which is possibly harsh, but true. 

The first half was pretty mediocre. I only watched from about 20 odd minutes in but it was all a bit pace-less. Picture two Championship at Wembley for the first time, trying to get to grips with the size of the pitch and the occasion.

Eventually, Adebayor kept his head and slotted his debut goal away. Not long after Defoe scored, leaving Wolves looking pretty fangless. 

On Wolves, a mention of Jamie O’Hara. Something happened at some stage between him and Bale. Maybe Bale isn’t even aware of this thing whatever it is, but in young Jamie’s mind it certainly exists. 

Brad  6 Some naff kicks out. Must do better

A&E 7 Bit of a love, really

Walker 6.43 Generally good. Needs a bigger brain

Kaboul  5.98 Frequently in a china shop

King  5  Sluggish

Krankie  5.9 Modest contributions

Modric 7.73 Some sublime balls (that’s what she said) but several wasted

Parker 7.72 Good stuff, looked like a Pathe News clip when running

Bale 7.61 To be frank, he needs to start raising his game soon…

Adebayor 8 He brought hope

Defoe 7 Great little goal from the midget (occasional) gem

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