Lilywhites Win Crossbar Challenge [Inc.Player Ratings + Highlights]

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Good morning and welcome to Friday. Gateway to the weekend, springboard to Sunday.

Can I shock you? I quite enjoyed that business last night. It was actually alright. What was evident was that someone had had a word with Arry about his dismissive Europa comments, his team selection, punters leaving in droves at previous games and the club’s responsibility to sponsors, specifically Investec. 

So what we got wasn’t all that difficult to rustle up was it Mr Redschnapps? A half decent selection and so a half decent game. A few empty seats but I think those who were toying with attending and decided not to would probably now say they wish they had gone.

6. 853 Made a slight jiggins of the free kick and against opposition at this level that must be a concern. But otherwise looked like a Premiership goalie.


6.001 Harsh to say an unconvincing display? Probably not. Again, confident going forward but in our 18 yard box you can hear the cogs turning and they aren’t exactly whizzing around.

7.401 An assured display as they say in football journalist speak. He moved the ball about well and generally looked the part. Triffic.


5.803 My view of him hasn’t changed. I think he tries very hard and frequently delivers his best; he’s solid enough squad player. That is all for now…

7.932 I like him. He’s made of the right stuff. A proper player for for a proper team and I hope he gets through, he makes it and stops with us for the long term.

6.066 Just back from injury and as per usual in these instances with him it was all a bit new and as bit of shock to the system. Let’s hope he’s blown a few cobwebs away anyway. 

7.000 I lacks a certain something at this stage and I don’t want to condemn him to soon it would be deeply unfair. Like to see him seize the reins a bit more. Sure he’s got it in him.

7. 012 What he needs is good diet of chicken wings and imported beers. Or maybe he wants more of a career and less to look like he hangs out with me a lot. Early doors but certainly one to watch.

8.456  “Come on Arry, gimme a break!” says Gio,  “One break, coming up!” replies Redschnapps. See what I did there? I swapped Ted Templeman & David Lee Roth for Dos Santos & Arry. The boy is good, let’s start again, eh?


7.001 Ooh you… I’m becoming increasingly convinced he will not survive with us. There is a great striker in there. “If it’s in you, I can get it out” David Brent.

8.143 A flippin’ good showing. As fit and game as a butcher’s dog. Looking forward to him and Ade tearing Arsenal a fresh one on Sunday. 

6.546 What I like about him is whenever he gets the bloody thing he immediately looks to run at them, whoever they are. A dash of daring do about this young man. More please. 

Tottenham Hotspur v Shamrock Rovers by gingezer240

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  • Billy Legit says:

    Agree with everything you posted today H-H, particularly the last sentence coz i was one of those that decided not to go.

    Not because i’m a traitorous, lazy, good for nothing, fly-by-nighter who’s got better things to do (or not, depending on your case). It’s because of our Dear Leader’s attitude towards this competition from the start.

    Unfortunately we don’t all earn a ridiculous amount of wonga every month, which allows us to indulge in all of our favourite pastimes at the drop of a hat without fear or consequence.

    *If i’m 1st again, does it really matter!*

  • NellyYiddo says:

    I really liked the boy Carroll again. Composed calm, movement was good.

  • Muggins says:

    We was top banana last night, good game

  • Sid Trotter says:

    WHich one is Carroll – Sean Connery?

    Thought Defoe played well for a while and Johnny 2 Saints was great – Townsend looks very promising

    I thought I did well too and certainly better than Badsong.

    Legs are aching this morning though. Running like a headless chicken for 45 minutes isn’t good after a Shiraz or two. Still, ran rings round Fetuccini – but so did my Nan

  • Cozzer5 says:

    Is the Defoe avatar a bit racist?

    • LosLorenzo says:

      “If you will it, dude, it is no dream.”

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Cozzer5 get off my blog you sad imbecile.

      He is black, he’s a midget and he is a gem. Or do you wish to make a case that sweets featured are the KKK’s favourite confection?

      Carlos the Jackal is currently doing life for terrorist murders. You’re happy to gloss over the casual use of his image. Pete Townsend was on a sex offenders register for 5 years, Lewis Carroll’s private life it might be argued was equally questionable. You pick out a black wine gum.

      Well done.


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