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Good evening.

Curious ain’t the half of it. Only Professor Stephen Hawking and Margaret Thatcher pairinbg up on Strictly Come Dancing could have possibly dropped more points than the Premiership ‘big boys’ did today.

Fulham haven’t been playing convincing at all this season yet this lot are suddenly overachieving  footballing warriors who can waltz into Second Hand Fridge and nick a point before tea time.

Manchester City up until this morning were a handing out jolly good hidings  like Mario Balotelli was handing out twenty pound notes. Yet West Brom, possibly one of the dullest football teams ever devised by man – managed to successfully muffle them.

Liverpool have admittedly been carrying Andy Carroll about like a damp sack of cement in human form all season. But Blackburn are so godawful even they have fewer points/reasons to continue trading than Bolton Wanderers. Yet they too audaciously swooped into Afield and grab a point.

Meanwhile, the mighty Tottingham are still third and still with that increasingly valuable game  in hand. Wow.  And our next three fixtures in apple pie order are Norwich(A), Swansea (A) and West Brom (H).  

To try and construct some comparative analysis between our next games and other team’s next three would be not just tricky but actually insane. However what we do know is that football form is self propelling beast. Just ask Owen Coyle.

If we can add another 9 points to ‘the haul’ so far – which we really ought to – then the momentum should keep us securely in the top four for a good while yet.

Happy Christmas so far, anyway.

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  • A_Felching says:

    9 points is doable, but we are Spurs :finn:

    • Hartley says:

      9 points are do-able but as you say, we are Spurs….experience tells me that we will get 5 tops, probably 2 but 9, I very much doubt it…..if we do get 9 from the next three games, then I will happily put £500 on us winning the league and climb to the top of Halifax Town Hall and show my arse to all and sundry…. ;-)

  • Bobspurs says:

    Yessss!!!! Back of the net….

  • Bobspurs says:

    Gobsmacked at the results today, 3 points tomorrow and looking nailed on for 3rd and auto qualification! Will we strengthen though in Jan??

  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    Well, the Fulham match is their massive derby and form goes out of the window in them. I can’t remember who’s managing Brom but I think they’ve been picking up just recently – brilliant result for them, mind… In defence of Kean, his players are behind him and they got a valuable point at Anfield. ‘Tis indeed a good days football for Spurs, all the same, but freak results are happening more and more. Having games in hand goes against you, eventually. The Everton game is next month but it’s still being squeezed in. Then you get King missing games and other baggage as a result. Tomorrow will be tricky. They’ve done well, have someone who can score and we’re struggling in central defence. COYS.

  • Jay says:

    *Another spamming idiot deleted*

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