Analysis That’s Difficult To Disagree With

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The morning after the bun fight before.

Has Arry lost the dressing room? My gut reaction to that is, ‘who cares what he’s lost?’ Which isn’t particularly helpful, but reflects how unhelpful retaining him even for a handful of games feels right now.

Listening to the remaining mental defectives happy clappers is like listening to an alcoholic or a junkie promise that they’ll pay what they owe next week without fail. Promise. On their dead mother’s life… etc.

One grim reality these same saps didn’t (or refused to) factor in is that as a 13 year point vantage ebbed away, the teams left on our run in weren’t the soft options they were midway through the season when they were dropping points left right and centre. 

The bottom feeders of the Premiership at the end of the season morph into wounded beasts. Now this doesn’t mean a really crappy side suddenly starts bashing everyone 3-0, but it does mean that a theoretic 3 points can swiftly become one.

I’ve been criticized previously for  supposedly, ‘over reacting’ when points are dropped early on in the season. But why create a scenario where you’re scratching for points against frequently desperate opposition – and having to do so with a side that’s had a physically demanding season? It makes no sense.

Our lot at the ground yesterday sang their hearts out and it finally broke mine to hear them feeling compelled to sing yet again, ‘Gareth Bale, he plays on the left!’

What a sad, utterly depressing state of affairs. I’m only 43, but have any older readers ever experienced a crowd singing instructions to a football manager before?  I want Pleat in and I’ll explain why. 

Arry is clearly either too thick or too stubborn or too disinterested to do the obvious and steady the ship. If you wish to debate this please incorporate these results in your assertion.

Arsenal 5-2

Manchester United 1-3

Everton 1-0

Stoke 1-1

Chelsea 0-0

Swansea 3-1

Sunderland 0-0

Norwich 1-2

QPR 0-1

Six points in nine games and our memories scarred by having our underthings  pulled down and our wedding vegetables laughed and pointed at by Blue Racists who, who… our hair-brained ‘manager’ then went onto publicly back in the Champions League!

Our remaining games are Blackburn (H), Bolton (A), Villa (A) and Fulham (H). 

Aside from the endless stupidities that have tumbled from his mouth all season, his inability to manage some excellent assets – for whatever reasons – are the last miserable nails in his two bob coffin.

Do we lay any blame at the door of the players? Why bother? How can we judge if a motor car is any good if the driver is drunk? 

The Pleat suggestion is purely a short term one. He’s on the staff already and so won’t be arriving at The Lane fresh from his sitting room not knowing anyone’s name.

The financial cost of this? Who truly knows. I’m sure that their will be compensation to be paid out to Arry and my advice to Levy & Co. would be to let the bum sue for it. God knows I can cope with failure, but this clown has flushed down the toilet the hopes and ambitions of a side that was winning plaudits all over Europe.

The cost of removing Sherwood, Sir Les and Joe we could raise in a pint glass in the Bell & Hair. Clive Allen isn’t a part of this for me and must be kept.

The true cost will be evident when the next set of Deloitte figures are released and the Champions League revenue streams aren’t there.

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  • Darren says:

    Rednapp you left my son in tears and that I can not forgive.Do the decent thing for once in your life and go!!

  • Andy says:

    Just out of interest, why remove sherwood? He’s doing amazing things with the youth team. Allen is more part of harry’s staff than tim. Also it’s 6 points from 9, not 3

    • UnkleKev says:

      Don’t understand the anti-Sherwood feelings either. I agree he seems to be doing a first-rate job at the moment and if anyone should be required to step into the breach I’d vote for him ahead of Pleat.

  • JimboTHFC says:

    Not sure about Pleat. Is he the man who can give us the boost we need for the last 4 games?

  • nicktheyid says:

    the one thing thats grating me most is the fact that ratboy hasnt played well for a couple of months and yet hasnt been dropped?no-ones getting behind the back four and we’re easy to defend against with no width(he plays on the left)our back 3 friedel,king,gallas remind me of a film title”no country for old men” the stat of 6 in 9 is not the crtical factor 12pts clear to 6pts behind is! an 18pt swing in 2 months is clearly a problem in the camp not just a poor run & wtf cant we score goals??

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Being a cynical bastard I hink it runs darker than that.
    I think that once the O/S was knocked back all plans and bets were off.
    joe lewis flew over to negogiate with Boris and the boys for some dosh and to get planning pushed through.
    I suspect that our buyers have already been found.Our so called better players wiil be sold to thank the board and Mr Lewis and to be fair it has been exciting..but we all know the ending because we support Spurs.
    This is the issue where are our younger fans going to come from. The season has been a shambles I include the FA, Harry Redknapp, Levy @ co and the players in all that. usually there is a Cup along the way to get the sons and daughters of THFC fans to put in the shirt.
    This season we are a joke, and that shit leaves an indelile stain. Our better players will go players will go and where is Levy ?
    My only conclusion is that the club has been sold.
    Coz no-one but the fans and 3 or 4 players give a flying fuck.
    Why didnt Brad Frieel have a baseball cap to deal with the sun yesterday?….see above.

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