Vertonghen Talking This Morning Of ‘Another Year At Ajax’

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I trust UK viewers are enjoying the heat. In some parts of Scotland men are turning from grey to white as they prepare to burn. 

Speaking of getting burnt, Jan Vertonghen has an interview in Nieuwsblad today. It emerges that Levy & Co. were over on Monday, but the deal is far from done. 

“The chairman of Tottenham was Monday in Amsterdam. But they are still out.”

It weighs on you?

“Not really. I did not expect that I would feel so little stress. Otherwise I stay another year at Ajax and I can then leave a free transfer. “

Tottenham will miss the Champions League. Plays a role?

“With me, but perhaps at Tottenham. It might affect their budget.The chances are that there does not seem the first week and a half clarification. But I want to prepare for the new season to startwith my new team. “

Is it true that you said to Ajax, ‘I want to Tottenham if I’m not going anywhere?’

“So I have not said. I said my preference goes to Tottenham. On my feeling. I feel best at that club and I am a feeling person. They have already invited me and want to act fast. They say I’m their only option. That’s a compliment. “


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  • melcyid says:

    sign this desperate man quickly

    • hoofing says:

      If this deal is not done then the king lives to play another day. Maybe Levy was side tracked by doing a bit of window shopping. Pay the extra and get him to sign!

      • Dan Noodle says:

        Window shopping in the red light district HA HA HA !!

        Fucking sign him up, stop dithering !!

  • UnkleKev says:

    “…I stay another year at Ajax and I can then leave on a free transfer.”

    Or, to put it another way: “Sell me for a reasonable fee to Spurs now or receive nothing in a years’ time”.

    He’s as good as ours.

    • TD says:

      Spot on Unkle – nothing to worry about here,as much as we all want the deal to be done asap we can’t let Ajax rip us off.Clever words form the player to suggest he’ll stay another year if Ajax don’t play ball with Spurs….and don’t forget the later it’s left the less wages we are paying – could save £300k + just by delaying a month or so.

    • HR's fan. says:

      A man talking sense.

  • LDNYid says:

    I we let him go I have bo doubt we’ll regret it, this club continues to grate like a washer woman…

  • Dublin Yid says:

    Jan Leaning on a lamp post – SEXY !!!

    It will happen, Ajax won’t let him go for nothing next season,scare tactics with the mother ship.

  • mendes says:

    Levy will continue to play hardball,and we’ll finish up with F**k all. Same old story! Bring on HR’s wrinklies and rejects. On another note it would appear that he(HR)has had his tongue cut out cos since the CL final he’s not had a word to say to the press about anything – perhaps he’s had a bollocking from DL.

    • Zagreb Bar says:

      Perhaps he’s gone on holiday with the missus and the dogs. More likely than him shutting up I would suggest.

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