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Good afternoon.

I’ve just had a very interesting chat with a charming woman who appears very much in the loop in relation to our current situation. 

First up Arry’s alleged post tin tack comments about an element of the club’s board being an ‘orrible lot appear to be well founded. If of course your definition of ‘orrible is that some simply did not care for every waking thought of the team’s manager to become a soundbite on talkSPORT.

If your definition of ‘orrible was feeling shortchanged that a man paid unrelentingly vast amounts of cold hard cash was so seemingly unfocused on the most basic elements of his job description (Hello set pieces, we mean you!).

Then came the (almost) incomprehensible insensitivity of Arry’s timing. Running to the press making a case for his continued employment in a company whilst the chairman of that company was coping with a death in the family… well… Classy.

The killer bow however was, I am told the involvement of Arry’s ‘representatives’ in the meeting. Basically, he spived himself out the building. What a shocker. 

Who’s the new manager? I don’t know, but I’d hold back on the whole, ‘let’s lump on Moyes’ option at this stage.

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