£31M Release Fee For Mooted Modric Replacement

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Good morning.

Ten days to go, a new manager at the helm and yet we’re scratching for transfer news. The Mirror are taking a punt by naming Bentley, *****, Gio, Bassong and Gallas amongst those who Villas-Boas isn’t interested in keeping on.

Bentley’s linked with Fulham. Apparently Bentley’s knee is fixed now and he’s ready to rock. Judging by this image from the preseason, it was the steak and kidknees that he has really been been battling against.

The Modric and Adebayor sagas appear no more advanced that they were months ago. ‘The Journalist’ who’s record is close to abysmal suggests that enquiries have been made for Alex Witsel as a replacement for the Croat.

Witsel is a 23 year old Belgium currently plying his trade at Benfica. This seems ambitious from a number of perspectives but none more so than Benfica’s president Luis Felipe Vieira being quoted last month as saying:

“We want every club to know what is the release clause for Axel .

“If they want him and if they come here and pay that fee, then there is nothing that we can do.

“But we are very happy with Axel and we do not think about selling him.”

The release clause he was referring to is thought to be about £31M.

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  • AFelching says:

    Oh mum

  • Astro Spur says:

    Hope getting rid of some more dead wood is true. Make room for a position a lot of teams nowadays are using, its called a striker. I hear its very popular in most continents, and maybe we should give it a go. Damiao?

    • Clarkspur says:

      Not all teams buddy, a lot but not all – those cheeky Spaniards set the trend with no strikers in sight and now AVB, being from that end of Europe thinks it’s going to be the future of football!!!! 4-6-0 here we come, woohooo!

  • Mitchell Thomas says:

    Bentley. at least, has his nightclub/bar business to fall back on doesn’t he?


    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Club Tropicarntrun

      • Mitchell Thomas says:

        At the risk of obsequiosness – Arf sir!

      • Alspur says:

        Club Tropicantrun, moves are free…
        Gallas and Jenas, there’s enough for everyone
        All that’s missing is Bentleeeeee…
        But don’t worry, you can have Naughton…

        • essexian76 says:

          Oh, Danny Rose
          The Villa are now calling
          The home of Glenn, is where you’ll have to leave
          But you’ll return, when Tottenham play the Villains
          And looking back, is when your heart will grieve.

  • Andre's Crouching says:

    This Blog has set the world alight…..I need a new Axel for my car!

  • essexian76 says:

    Anything about 21m for any player, is out of our league I’m afraid-just being realistic

    • Clarkspur says:

      No no no nooooooo…just go back 3-4 weeks and re-read all the ITK/blogsayers posts about our NEW MONEY windfall! Those clever chaps saw the billions in the back of lorries in £5 notes entering the gates of WHL themselves…honest!

      • essexian76 says:

        Sorry you’re right, there was me being all logical and forgetting about the ‘secret billionaire’ about to sprinkle his fairy dust upon us.

      • TMWNN says:

        According to Razspur, the players have been told about the secret oil money, but are under strict instruction to keep stumm.


        • essexian76 says:

          Then I’ll continue with the assumption that we’re not as wealthy as those above and just below us, and lower my expectations accordingly-best way to keep sane(ish)

        • `rich g says:

          which makes it utter tosh, guy lives in a dream world

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