3.15 Saturday 9 February 2013

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Good afternoon.

Curiously enough I was having a chat with a blogger of another Premier League side a few days ago and we both agreed that the word ‘cannibalism’ was indeed about the size of it. His club’s fans have also developed a taste for their brethren’s flesh.

So how long are you, in your inimitable wisdom prepared to give Andrè Villas-Boas?

I’m giving him my full support come what may until 3.15 on Saturday the 9th of February next year. By then I expect the following:

1. Us to be higher in the league than we are now.

2. To have played some excellent, dare I say it sexy football on a pretty routine basis.

3. To have demonstrated to any fair minded person that he is worth keeping on.

If it by this time, fifteen minutes into the Newcastle game indoors, he is looking every inch the Mr Bean/David Brent hybrid that some are suggesting now; after three games then I want to see him flung into a weighted, chained suit as per the scene in the excellent movie, Brazil. AVB ought must be hoisted in the style of Mr. Archibald Buttle out of The Lane. Destination? Parts unknown.

Cannibalism was ordinarily sanctioned by a cultural norm, but to be frank those cultures are pretty few and far between these days and it’s perhaps ambitious to think they might have wi-fi. Extreme famine can be a cause, but in the main people eating people is the domain of the mentally ill, or deviant. Perhaps consider which category you best fall into the next time you take a bite out of someone.

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  • Harry Hotspur says:

    The point of this blog is – by the by – not to revisit the whining and the wailing, just to answer the question.

    How long will you give him?


    • jim says:

      does it matter? This season is a write off so as long as we go into next season with a proper manager like David Moyes, who cares when he gets the bullet. Give him all season so he cant moan he didnt have time once we have failed miserably.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Nice work.

        Keep ’em coming, folks :daumen:

        • Winston wolf says:

          I agree with this but I differ on the opinion of him failing. He needs a proper run before he’s cast as an idiot,hopefully a win at reading will get us moving in the right direction. There have been many changes since he’s stepped in tactics,formations,players & now training’s also with remembering the team as talented as it is wasn’t exactly pulling up trees the 2nd half of last season also we have lost the services of VDV & Modric & if one more person says ” Harry would have kept Modric ” I gonna hurt them . As for “loosing the dressing room” that’s something I despise of footballers is it really that hard to do as your told for your job,I felt as bad as he was Ramos was let down by “professionals” . So basically I say give him the season & things may get worse before they get better but they will get better

          Ps on the good news front I hear that former footballer come mobile phone dock jermain jenas is interesting Leeds perhaps Levy put an ad in the loot

        • Winston wolf says:

          Oh and options 1 2 & 3

      • Mexican Joe says:

        That just about sums it up for me. Gotta love those Scottish managers.

  • aidyj7 says:

    Interesting take on canibalism h, personally i like 2 chew the fat of a well rounded shin bone and swill it with a nice chianti,this is only after the words plight and spurs have been mentioned after 3 games by my supper to be

  • totallytottenham says:

    As long as it takes. He has all the talent and now most of the squad at his disposal to make a success of Spurs this season. Moving to Bulls Cross should emphasise ‘fresh star’ in the minds of all the players and a game away from the boo boys at whl will help too. One result will get us going then anything is possible.


  • borisjohnsonstonsils says:

    I’ll be giving the ginger ninga my full support until Christmas time. If we’re languishing near the bottom of the table at that time, I’ll be kidnapping him & serving him up as my duck a la orange in what will be a tasteful dining experience for the well rounded cannibals out there. :pirat:

  • Lesley King says:

    Until his lost the dressing room

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