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It’s not easy.

Krankie was a player I immediately took to. One reason was every time he got the ball he went forward with it. Am I easily pleased? Hardly. Intent is a serious thing. People get sent to prison for it. And Niko’s intent was invariably to attack.

I’ve just noticed I’m talking in the past tense.

As we’ve discussed before this morning, Arry has his favourites. He’s a bit like Bill Murray in ‘Hope & Glory’-  if he’s your friend then you’ll never want for a better friend. If he’s not your friend then your life becomes a raging sea. Okay, maybe not a raging sea as such but you could certainly find yourself looking to play football somewhere else.

Kranjcar for some reason has not become Arry’s friend. I understand having Gareth Bale ahead of you in the queue could mean you’re in for a long wait, but Steven Pienaar? Do me a favour.

Krankie is an enterprising and technically gifted player. Why isn’t he getting more game time and why are we getting ‘begging quotes’ from his agent?

“Niko is not happy with the situation at Tottenham at the moment. He wants to play. It is a shame that a man of Niko’s quality is on the bench,” Aliaj said.

“He is loyal to the club and has a contract but it is difficult for him.

“It can be a problem when a player is not playing. When he is not playing he is not happy. He feels down.

“Some clubs in Italy are interested him. Lazio, Roma, Juventus — they are all interested, as well as some teams in Spain and in Germany.

“It’s normal to have teams like these interested in a player with such quality.”

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  • Pert Olga from Chelmsford says:

    Add him to the list of peeps that won’t be so happy. There will be a few of them that will be heading for the door if we can find mugs like Mr Bruce and Mr Warnock to buy them.

    Kranjcar? Back in my homeland, he’s known as ‘he strolls, he struts, he shoots, he scores’ you know.

  • Chrispurs says:

    Kranjar plays, scores and then dropped. If Sandro starts scoring every game, his days are numbered, just look at Arry’s antics when he scored.

    PS 2nd………….Hooraaah!

    • melcyid says:

      a pattern has emerged regarding scoring if in harrys mind thats not your purpose on the pitch.krancjar scores ,dropped,danny rose shipped out after 3 days,sandro publicly dressed down while celebrating,repercussions yet to come. Vdv might only be there still because the chairman bought him,might have something to do with alzhiemers desease

  • Brycie says:

    Hes not getting more game because he wears his sleeves over his hands !!! Maybe not much evidence base for such an assumption but it has some merit. Roll your sleeves up and get tore in or piss off to Italy with the rest of the sleeve wearing girls!!!

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Wot about Archibald?!

      • Brycie says:

        He pissed off to Barca arguably a bigger club but not in my book!!

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          and Barcelona’s certainly not in Italy :freu

          I’d rather have Kranjcar on the pitch ahead of *****, Pie**** (the full ***** treatment awaits), and on occasions instead of a half fit but still selected VdV. Or, if he were to be injured, someone to replace Modric.

          I’m scared HR is going to fackin’ ruin this fackin’ club.

  • eastanglianspur says:

    He’s being sold ‘cos he doesn’t run fast. You must have pace in the modern game, never mind that they who do run fast can’t pass or cross the ball, that’s not the point. :dizzy2:

    • snuftywoof says:

      well if its lack of speed lets add Jen arse Tugboat Tommy Keane Chalie Crouch Bently Dawson Ledders vdv isnt that fast

  • dancingbarber says:

    this year played 20 minutes scored twice gave us 6 points obvious we can do better without this sort of attitude.

    I’m a loyal sort of git who will let the manager manage, but we had Harry singing Nico’s praises saying bad luck about Bale’s form…then goes and buys Pinaar and makes Nico fourth in the line(after Luca out of position). Triffic it ain’t.

    Actually boy Bale has not delivered recently either so why not give Nico a go, unless you don’t like European travel.

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