Date: 20th November 2012 at 11:14am
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Good morning.

This from a proven decent source and bound to irritate the hell out of the naysayers, bedwetters and other lingering Arryites. It’s my understanding that ’ position at the club is very much secure. For how long? Well not just this season but the next one too.

This considerable support is conditional of course. If the boss were to be linked with a vacancy elsewhere and suddenly went missing, spent his day whoring himself to the press, neglecting his duties or otherwise managed to drive us into the relegation zone then you can guarantee he’d be toast.

But the plan as I understand it is to factor in Boas’ resources, review what support the Club can offer and to forge a path that will offer longevity.

Will this initiative designed to offer stability please those that claim to wish well but not the manager? Who cares. At this rate QPR will be back in the Championship next season and there are bound to be openings for supporters who want to sit in cosy, old fashioned stadium telling each other how staunch they are.

The worst thing that happened in recent times to this club was screwing us over so blatantly after giving us a taste of football. Suddenly too many clowns believe it’s a god given right and have been acting like outraged consumers ever since. Spoiled children each and every one. Empty seats at games and only boos to break the frosty silence during league games.

The very idea that you can separate your support for the Club and the manager is beyond parody. Oh, of course unless you’re following the Blackburn Rovers model.