Bad News For AVB Haters

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Good morning.

This from a proven decent source and bound to irritate the hell out of the naysayers, bedwetters and other lingering Arryites. It’s my understanding that Andre Villas-Boas’ position at the club is very much secure. For how long? Well not just this season but the next one too.

This considerable support is conditional of course. If the boss were to be linked with a vacancy elsewhere and suddenly went missing, spent his day whoring himself to the press, neglecting his THFC duties or otherwise managed to drive us into the relegation zone then you can guarantee he’d be toast.

But the plan as I understand it is to factor in Boas’ resources, review what support the Club can offer and to forge a path that will offer longevity.

Will this initiative designed to offer stability please those that claim to wish Spurs well but not the manager? Who cares. At this rate QPR will be back in the Championship next season and there are bound to be openings for supporters who want to sit in cosy, old fashioned stadium telling each other how staunch they are.

The worst thing that happened in recent times to this club was Arry screwing us over so blatantly after giving us a taste of Champions League football. Suddenly too many clowns believe it’s a god given right and have been acting like outraged consumers ever since. Spoiled children each and every one. Empty seats at Europa games and only boos to break the frosty silence during league games.

The very idea that you can separate your support for the Club and the manager is beyond parody. Oh, of course unless you’re following the Blackburn Rovers model.

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  • a_felching says:

    Great news, I hope he is here for the long haul :-p

    • JIM says:

      agreed, great news. Two years more decline and the comfort of mid table. No more sweating on results and worrying. Thank God.

      • hoofing says:

        Great, lets get back to the old days when we didnt expect to win every week.

        • we havent had a decent run of results since last January when Harry made a botch up of the window, so you should be already used to it. Then Levy made his annual botch of the start of the season dealings. But it is AVBs fault the squad is considerably weaker than a year ago ?

  • Bruxie says:

    My copy of Celebration Day arrived today…

    My typing will have to cope with the headbanging.


    Good news for some indeed, this AVB business. For others, however it must be like being told you will have to work with the office git for two years. And take orders from him/her.


    I like the idea of stability for a period of two years or even more. We haven’t tried the stability theory out, really, have we?

    Wow, this room’s rockin’!


    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I have that on right now too, mate.

      :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

    • Tel says:

      Last real bit of stability we had was Jol and things didn’t go too badly.

      We need it.

      Whoever thought it was going to be easy this season after losing Modric and having a very unsettled squad following Redschnapps’ series of cock ups is very naive indeed.

      We need stability, a plan, time to get there and the manager with the backing of the board. We now have all of this – it will take time but we will be back where we should be.

  • Cambridge Spur says:

    Harry, you are an absolute twat! You remind me of that other twat off talk shite who spouts bullshit all day just to get people to phone in. Its all the fans fault, how dare we wish for our team to win football matches and play decent football. Shame on all of you…

  • DubaiSpurs says:

    Personally I’m totally confused about AVB, 50-50. Is he the real deal or a complete no-hoper? I don’t have the answer yet but I guess we have to suppprt him as well as the team while he’s the boss. COYS…

  • CptCaveman says:

    Strangely after loosing the last game I feel positive! Having not been AVB’s biggest fan I think he played the right system against Arsenal and had it not been for a moment of madness, I think we would have taken that match down! We looked solid (albiet for 17 minutes) but it shows we do still have it in our repertoire, also he made the right changes at halftime so all positives!
    Now to read the above takes pressure away which is nice, this would also indicate Levy is prepaired to back him, lets hope this also indicates he will back him in the transfer market as this is paramount to us pushing on into the Champs League places.
    Come on Daniel, get your wallet out!
    The next few games are key, and unfortunately we are very short in the staff department, we’re gonna need some luck but if we hold it together we could be in for a Happy New Year!

    • Harry hater says:

      Wow exactly my thoughts cptcaveman, first time this season I’ve been happy with the style of play and effort! Levy is still one of the best things to happen to us but he has had a few stupid moments that have really cost us!

      • Essexian76 says:

        Perhap’s HH, that’s why he’s looking around for a DOF to take the burden away from him-allowing him the time to make money for the club, which he has,and lot’s of it during his tenure?

    • Millsie33 says:

      I’m completely behind what this guy is saying and the other fella Tel. We lose our only world class player and expect to be exactly the same team. For those who watched us week in, week out over the last few seasons will know that EVERYTHING went through Modric. Taking him out of the team has left a massive creative and ball retention hole that Dembele only partially fills. We are struggling now because our best players are out injured. Simple. Yes, the jury is still out on AVB but his set up post game V Scummers was spot on. It worried me that it was too attacking but it worked. The Ade sending off blatantly changed the game. Defoe cannot play upfront by himself without any support as his is too small and has a touch like Jimmy Saville! So we struggled. Half time AVB made changes that gave us a chance. He recognised the problems and more impressive than that he went for it. This is what the top guys like Fergie do when the chips are down and they need to go for it. In AVB I trust. He’s earned a chance in my books now and if u are a TRUE Spurs fan then you should too.

      • CptCaveman says:

        You had me at ‘Touch like Jimmy Saville’ :cop:

      • rich says:

        Defoe has a great touch next you will be saying Lennon has a poor touch.

      • Alspur says:

        Ridiculously sensible… you’ll not go far, here, son…

      • 10000rpm says:

        My sentiments 100%. We miss Dembele and the sending off changed the game. Half time changes and tactics worked but with 10 men, it could only do so much.

      • DaveYid says:

        I think Defoe would’ve been praised and exalted had Bale not been such a greedy coont in the box and crossed to a waiting Defoe instead of trying to do what he did in Milan. That was another huge chance to alter the scoreline at least to a draw. Defoe was open and would’ve easily poked it in.

        I think Defoe has improved on his solo performances upfront mainly out of necessity. Dempsey has been a floating fartcloud these past few weeks imho. A far cry from the talisman I enjoyed watching at Fulham. Dembele is the Palacios we should’ve had and so once he comes back, WE as a team will come back as well. So if he comes back on Sunday fully fit, we can be slightly less edgy about the next game which could well end up with any scoreline we can think of…

    • SpursSince67 says:

      My thoughts entirely Captain !

      I too roamed around the Home last Saturday evening feeling pretty Zen about the result based on the same conclusions as yourself…

      How many times do we need to reiterate that he inherited a squad well in decline before VdV and Modders deserted the sinking ship ?

      He couldn’t of had much influence on DLs dealings (who the hell does ?) so has had to make the best of a rum deal in my view…still can’t believe we are still in the top ten to be honest.

      I also think he has been over cautious considering his past experience and maybe being pushed to use the Americans more than he’d like as DL needs to curry favour with Under Amour to satisfy what ever Clause he’s agreed to. How the hell can anyone on this Blog truly know what is going on behind closed even in this Twitter filled age.

      I felt that the real AvB came out on show last Saturday and I’d like him to have the courage to do it again. Let’s just pray for more intelligent and talented troops in the Jan window then judge from there…

      • Shelfsidejan says:

        Completely agree with the few comments above, though surprised I hadn’t managed to put 2 & 2 together re the yanks, not only UA but also the talk of AEG and all the US tours in recent pre-seasons.

      • Northern Spur says:

        @SpursSince67. This was the year I joined the WHL rollercoaster ride. Could have stayed a Man U fan but at age 7 I saw the light and never a dull moment since. COYS !!

        • SpursSince67 says:

          Northern Spur, I should have been a Palace fan having grown up in Thornton Heath, but no, I’ve always had the courage to be different from my peers….but you’re right, what a Ride it’s been !

          Stick with it as I have seen some incredible things in my life (England World Cup win, Man on the Moon, flown Supersonic, Iron Curtain falling down (helped someone escape East Germany in 80 to name a few) so I do believe we could lift the EPL and the CL cup yet, if not for me for my 8 year old…never let your dreams go….

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