Your Man Of The Match – Versus Everton

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Mine was undoubtedly Kaboul.

There were lots of positives (you never hear this phrase after a win – funny that) from lots of players. But Kaboul was for want of a better word, staunch. He arrived at The Lane with a burden of expectation upon his Gallic shoulders and the old girl never quite bore the weight.

Jarred off then wholesaled off to Pompey he appeared to, in very technical parlance, get a bit better. His return was heralded with the same disinterest as his departure. Part of some debt consolation deal or a kick back on some Premiership Club Card reward program, I forget.

But he looks to be genuinely on the level now. And in a aside that has habitual ‘back four issues’, that’s a welcome addition.

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  • Lukebs says:

    Are the people voting for Crouch on a bet?

  • spursman18 says:

    I’d go with Kaboul, he held the back 4 together…dont know how much he got of Yak but it was a poor place to give away a free kick but other he was fantastic.

  • Spurstacus says:

    I know Beeny Sue has a lot of haters, but for me he is one of our better, more consistant players. Yes he makes mistakes, but generally I think he is superb. I dont care if you dont agree with me, and niether does he by all accounts. :-p

  • Spurstacus says:

    Sandro looked good as well today. As much as I love Sarge Sandro is going to be better- much by the look of things. Sandro and Modders in the CM for me. The thing about Tugboat Tommy is that if we sold him he would almost certainly be transfering down. IE Villa, Newcastle, Everton etc. He wont be going to Chelsea or Real etc.
    Q. Is Tommy good enoough to be the future of out team?
    This poster thinks not.

  • seppoyiddo says:

    Benny has good feet and is a good athlete, but he doesn’t read the game very well. He could become a great player with better coaching, but he’s not going to find it here. So he will continue to give away as many goals as he helps to create. In all, a net liability until our cb situation is sorted out.

    • Billy Fiore says:

      Consistent one the one hand, but then his mistakes are generally howling and exploited thoroughly. Especially at Bremen and Inter.

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